My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK v3.2.0.2367 (Money/Coins/Stars)

Full NameMy Talking Tom 2
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
Mod FeaturesMoney / Coins / Stars
Latest Version3.2.0.2367
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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My Talking Tom is a very popular game that brings huge success to producer Outfit 7 in the mobile game market. So far, it has become one of the most popular games on mobile. In this article, we would like to bring you the next version of this great game named My Talking Tom 2. It will bring you many new interesting features than the first one. Besides, we give you all the information about the game including gameplay, key feature and download link. Let’s together with find out the interests of the game right now!

My Talking Tom 2 game apk

The gameplay

In the game, you have to look after a cute and clever cartoon cat named Tom for making him happy and healthy. Tom is a cat so he needs to eat, rest, play and be cared for.

How to play games for beginners:

Step 1: Download and install the downloaded My Talking Tom 2 file in the link in this article.

Step 2: Next, we will proceed to enter the appropriate age and access the game. After that, you will quickly see the cat Tom has been delivered to you. You will start taking care of him right away.

Step 3: Like the previous version My Talking Tom, we will use the functions to take care of our cat such as eating, cleaning, sleeping or playing mini-games.

The key feature of My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK:

Feeding Tom

To feed Tom, gamers can select the Knife & Fork icon in the bottom corner of the screen to take Tom sitting at the table and eat. Choose the food you like. After the foods in the fridge run out, you can buy them at the food store. You can balance Tom’s nutrition by feeding him a variety of foods like Fruits, soda, milk, cakes, meat, etc. Besides, you can buy him the Potions, which will help Tom stay healthy longer without other foods. However, they are also more expensive.

My Talking Tom 2 apk game

Washing and cleaning Tom well

After a period of play time, Tom’s cleanliness meter will gradually decrease. That’s when you need to take Tom to bathe by clicking on the “bathroom” icon. Besides, you have to take Tom to the toilet regularly or he will feel very uncomfortable with very bad expression. You can take Tom to the bathroom then he will close the door and do the rest himself. The game describes this action by producing a very funny sound. If you want, you can “break” Tom’s privacy by trying to open the toilet door. He will express the funny actions.

Unlike the first version of My Talking Tom, there are many types of bath soaps that you can choose for Tom. Sometimes, looking at Tom stuck in the soap bubble also make you laugh.

Play and cuddle Tom

Tom is a hyperactive cat. He can play all day without getting bored. You can cuddle it by swiping the stomach or the head, even hitting Tom. Besides, you can play as many mini-games as possible to make him happy. However, it also makes him tired and wants to go to bed.

My Talking Tom 2 mod

Taking him to travel

After each level up, Tom will receive a plane ticket to travel anywhere you want. You can buy food, or decorations and clothes for it as long as you have enough money.

My Talking Tom 2 Apk

Healing for Tom

The biggest difference between My Talking Tom 2 and the first version (My Talking Tom) is that this game has healing features. Nobody can stay healthy forever. Tom is not an exception. He will one day be sick. Don’t worry! You can click on the Medicine Cabinet and choose suitable medicine. There are no guidelines for treatment. Every Tom is sick Can be cured in many ways, so you should try.

Tom also needs to sleep

Before you close the game, this is a good time for Tom to go to sleep. Otherwise, he will be tired and does not want to play games or any other activities. So you have to wait for him to sleep for a while. When he is sleepy, the “Moon & Stars” icon will appear red and his face is very tired. Then you click on the “Moon and Stars” icon, it will automatically go to bed to sleep. Instead of sleeping, you can buy potions with diamonds to help Tom achieve 100% instant health. However, if you want to experience the game like real life, you should take him to bed in a normal way. In which, you can turn off the light. Right after, he will sleep until the health meter reaches 100%.

My Talking Tom 2 game sleep

Tom’s pets and toys My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

Tom’s pets are as funny and cute as him. You can interact with the pets or enjoy the laughs when Tom and his pet play with each other. In this feature, there have 5 pets for you to unlock. Tom now has a toy box full of swings, basketball, spring-loaded canvas and boxing bag. He wants to play them all. You can play with him for more fun.

My Talking Tom 2 Game pet

The changes of My Talking Tom 2 compared to the first version:

  • Graphics are upgraded so that everything becomes closer.
  • The second version supports interactive features when we hold on to Tomcat to move as well as perform feeding, toilet, bathing, medicine…
  • Launched a completely new card collection feature by clicking on the Airplane icon and collecting items according to the cat’s level markers.

The graphics and sound My Talking Tom 2 mod apk

My Talking Tom 2’s graphics are not too different from the previous version. The game has crisp 3D graphics and bright colours. Also, Tomcat is still cute and funny. An indispensable feature of My Talking Tom is repeating the real voice. In a humorous high-pitched voice, Tom can repeat every word you speak in a funny way

My Talking Tom 2 graphics

There are many attractive Mini-games for you to experience

In addition to pictures of cute mischievous cat Tom, My Talking Tom 2 also features many attractive mini-games, which also makes the game more special. My Talking Tom 2 includes mini-games: Sub Adventure, Spooky Train, Space Trails, Pet Connect, Cupid Tom, Super Balloon, Easy Squeezy, Totem Blast and Ice Smash. Each game has its own interesting features. Please visit the download link at the end of the article to experience them.

My Talking Tom 2 game apk

How to start playing the Mini-games of My Talking Tom 2 

Step 1: At the game interface of Mini-Games, we click the game hand icon.

Step 2: Select the game you like to play. Each game has different gameplay, but it is quite easy that you can get used to it very quickly.

Step 3: To exit the game that I do not like, you press the X mark. The program will ask for confirmation then you can click “Yes”.


My Talking Tom 2 mod apk


In conclusion, My Talking Tom 2 is a very fun game featuring many cute things for you to relax. We have finished understanding how to play mini-games in My Talking Tom 2 already. Along with simple gameplay and interesting features, the game will help you entertain after working hours. In this article, we bring you the modified version of the game named My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK (Money / Coins / Stars) with more advanced features than the original version. Let’s download and enjoy it now! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:

Spring has arrived and this year it’s coated in sugar! Find the piñata and other sweet treats waiting for Tom.

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