Netflix APK MOD v8.18.0 (Premium)

Full NameNetflix
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Latest Version8.18.0
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Netflix is the world’s leading service for watching TV shows and movies on mobile phones. You can download this free app as a member of Netflix that you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies on your mobile device. If you are not a Netflix member, let’s start signing up and enjoy the most advanced TV streaming service in the world with 1 month of free trial right now. First, let’s check the interesting information about the app below!

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How does Netflix work?

Netflix started as a DVD delivery service. The company provided discs if users pay more. In other words, you will first have to pay for the Unlimited Streaming account (or Limited Streaming), then pay an additional fee each month to receive the disc. The main reason when choosing an add-on DVD-by-mail is that it will quickly expand Netflix’s catalogue. When you can’t find a TV show or movie on the app, you can see it on a DVD. The price of the DVD package started at $ 4.99 / month for 1 disc and up to 2 discs a month. To get an unlimited DVD every month, you will have to pay $ 7.99. The most expensive package costs $15.99 per month ($ 19.99 if it is a Blu-ray disc) and receives 3 discs at once. It is not limited to the number received each month.

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How to download movies on NETFLIX for Offline watching

Step 1: You need the latest version of Netflix. You can download it at the link at the end of this article. Then, you open the application and click on the 3 dashes icon at the top left of the application. In the menu, you select Available for Download. This section will take you to a list of content that allows downloading from Netflix. The list will be continuously updated by Netflix according to the time and policy of each movie and program.

Step 2: In the list of movies and programs that allow offline viewing, there will be small items like Recently Added (new movies added to the list), Popular on Netflix (movies are hot on Netflix)… Besides, the content of this list will be different from the countries. After selecting, you press the movie or program you want to download.

Step 3: After clicking on the movie, Netflix will take you to the movie information page. The interface is not different from previous versions. In which, you can click the download arrow icon below the description or next to the list of episodes to download.

Step 4: After pressing download, there will be a blue bar showing the movie loading process. You can click on this bar to see the specific loading or stopping process if you want.

Step 5: When the download process is complete, you can watch offline movies and Netflix programs right on your device. Depending on the Wifi or data transmission line as well as the free space in the device, you can adjust the Download quality of movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Besides, to select the movie download quality, you can go to the 3 dash icon on the Netflix home page. After that, you select the Downloads section, in which there are options like downloading movies only with Wifi, customizing the quality of videos downloaded in the Video Quality section.

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The key features of NETFLIX

Watch Online movies and programs

NETFLIX has huge movie storage with a lot of blockbusters, adventure TV or world-famous movie. Besides, there are TV channels and many other famous programs. To watch movies and programs on NETFLIX, you need to create an account.

With Netflix accounts, users can transfer movies and TV shows from this service’s catalogue to any device. Basically, for almost every mobile device, smart TV supports Netflix for Android. Some devices even have a built-in Netflix button on the remote control. In all cases, when you need to use the application, it is completely free. To view content or access your watched history, you can simply log in with your Netflix account.

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The app for families and all ages

Netflix for Android also offers a lot of family content in the catalogue, as well as some content specifically for young children. In account settings, users can access the parental control section to restrict the type of bad content (options include “G and below,” “PG and below”…).

There are many manager sections that you can find in Netflix such as the ability to add subtitles, which will appear when watching Netflix content in a certain application; Adding subtitles; the ability to edit the current queue or list of content you want to see is another feature; Filter content by language, including subtitles but it does not mean a feature.

Besides, there is a useful feature, but not many people pay attention to, named Manage video quality, which allows users to choose the good, better or the best quality. Moreover, the app can limit transfer from 0.3, 0.7, and 1.0GB per hour (or 2.3GB per hour for HD content). It is very useful if users are using Internet packets with specific data.

Picture in picture

This mode allows you to watch movies while you are still doing other things, such as watching a movie while checking your email or having to reply to a message. Instead of completely leaving Netflix, the Netflix app on the iPad and Android has the Picture in Picture (PiP) function, which shrinks the video itself into a frame on the screen. It allows you to run Netflix and another app in parallel.

To use PiP, you need to use iPad Air or higher. With Android, it must be Android 8.0 or higher. When the video is playing, you press the home button (or swipe to go to the home page), the Netflix video will automatically convert into PiP format.

Share account with other users

You can imagine a group of friends or a family, Netflix supports 1 account that can be shared with 5 different users. Each of them will have a different space, data storage and movie viewing history. It is completely private. With the price of $ 11.20/month for the most expensive package, it will cost only $ 2.24 if you share with other 4 people. It is cheap.

Moreover, if you have kids, Netflix also has support for creating kids-only users then the content will be friendly with children.

Smart download

This function applies to Series movies. When you finish watching episode 1 of the movie, it will automatically download the next when your device is connected to the Internet. This only happens when the app connects to Wi-Fi so it does not consume your mobile space and does not consume much battery. You no longer have to worry about downloading movies manually.

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Save the video you like

During the time you use Netflix, you might catch a good movie or TV show but you haven’t had time to watch. In this case, you should save the video to prevent it from being forgotten. You can refer to the steps below:

Go to the movie you want to save> click + > Add to My List

To review saved movies, you select the “My List” tab on the top of the screen.


Netflix is ​​a great application for movie and TV show lovers. Users just download and enjoy the huge movie store with the best experiences. Let’s download and enjoy Netflix right now!

New updates:

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