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You want to play super games on the mobile phone like Garena Mobile, Rules of Survival, PUBG or Fortnite APK or use heavy-duty applications. However, your phone has not good enough, or you simply want to play these games on the PC for a bigger screen. In this post, we give you a great solution that is Nox App Player, which is an Android operating system emulator software for PC.

What is Nox APP Player?

Nox APP Player is an Android operating system simulation tool, allowing the users to run Android applications or games on the PC or Laptop. When downloading this app to the computer, users can experience unlimited Android ecosystem right on their computer with the full features of a phone version. Moreover, you can use NoxPlayer to run mobile applications or games with just a few simple settings. Control systems can be as simple as clicking on where you can touch, but you can also hide control buttons to press keys for games or applications with a more complex control mechanism.

Nox-App-Player apk mod

How does Nox APP Player work?

Basically, Nox APP Player creates a virtual Android tablet on your computer. Setup is not fast, but it is very simple that you can log in to your Google Play account to download any application you already own. Besides, you can modify the player’s settings, including creating custom skins and assigning CPU resources to increase the device’s performance. If you want to play the game using a gamepad or keyboard, you can install the game commands to one of these devices. Also, you can even log in simultaneously on multiple accounts.

Nox-App-Player active

Key features of Nox APP Player

Here are some outstanding features that Nox APP Player wins other competitors such as BlueStacks or Droid4X:

Limit capacity

The first is to limit capacity. Users can set limits on the capacity that this software can use. When that limit is reached, users will be alerted to make changes promptly.

“Touch” emulator

Nox App Player is also the only emulator software that has the feature “touch simulator”. In which, users just press Ctrl + 1 then use the mouse to touch and “swipe” the PC screen of this software, such as when it works on a smartphone screen.


Another feature introduced in this version is that it allows multitasking, which means running multiple applications and games at the same time. You can control everything at the same time easily.

Nox-App-Player apk

Optimized for the different game segments

If you are a gamer, you will probably be interested in FPS. Nox App Player allows you to adjust FPS to the desired value for bringing the best gaming experience. It is good news because gamers can now play the game on even low-end device. Certainly, in order to have a high FPS, your computer configuration should not be too weak. As mentioned earlier, the app provides maximum support for gamers. Therefore, its control feature is also designed to support players to connect with controller handles or play with keyboard and mouse no different from PC games titles. Moreover, it also integrates screen capture utility and screen rotation. It helps you easily record your highlight moments and share with friends or share on social networks.

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Easy-to-use interface

Nox App Player has been redesigned to an easy-to-use flat interface. Flat design brings a simple feeling and looks more comfortable than the old version. In addition, the app also allows users to change the interface at will. In addition, you can use the Rotate key to switch the screen from vertical to horizontal and vice versa, which is like the screen rotation operation on the phone.

Nox-App-Player theme

The features of some main settings in Nox App Player Menu


This setting section provides you with information about the current version, the update message and the language you are using.


Here, you can see the number of resources that Nox App Player will use for each option in the Feature Settings section. The higher the usage features is, the more resource it will require. You can adjust the resource as you like in the optional section as well as change the interface of this software right at the beginning of the Settings section.


This is part of your personal information settings.


Nox App Player has quite complete and rich shortcut system for various operations. However, users can use it freely. Even they can change these shortcuts more appropriately by click the left joystick on it and entering the alternate shortcut from the keyboard. After finish changing the shortcuts, users can click Save settings to make changes.


This is the section for users to change the display list of options in the submenu on the right side of the emulator interface. We tick the items we need and tick away the unnecessary items. After that, we select to save and check the main interface to see changes.

The necessary options

These options include Connections, Devices, Accounts, and Systems, which are quite similar to the mobile corner navigation menu.

Nox-App-Player game menu

Steps to download and install Nox App Player

Step 1: After downloading File Nox App Player Apk successfully, users can double click the installation file. When the installation window appears, you check the box “I have read and accept” the Nox License Agreement to agree to the terms provided by the manufacturer. Then, you click Install to install quickly without any further action. If you want to change some information such as the installation location or the icon after installation, you can click on Custom.

Nox-App-Player Download

Step 2: The installation process takes place, so you should wait a few minutes. The process of installing quickly or slowly depends on your computer configuration. If the percentage display bar suddenly stopped and didn’t run in the process of installing, you can turn off the antivirus software running on the device.

Nox-App-Player start

Step 3: After the installation process is complete, users press Start to use immediately.


Above is the article introducing the features as well as detailed usage for the Nox App Player emulator application for the Android OS. It can be said that this is very convenient and easy to use. If you are looking for a great lightweight Android emulator while running smoothly on mobile apps and games, it is best to choose Nox App Player. Below is the download link for the latest Nox App Player Apk v6.2.1.1. Wish you love it!

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