Nox Cleaner MOD (VIP Unlocked) APK v3.0.9

Full NameNox Cleaner - Junk & Cache Cleaner, Booster
PublisherNox Ltd.
Mod FeaturesVIP Unlocked
Latest Version3.0.9
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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NoxCleaner is a fast and lightweight cleanup and boost tool for Android devices. It is a product of BigNox – the creator of the popular PC emulator Android application, NoxPlayer. In addition, with the powerful image management feature, NoxCleaner can help users organize the pictures and free up RAM in just one click. This application has a great ability to clean up junk files and cache memory to free up storage space and make your phone work faster.

NoxCleaner apk

The key features of NoxCleaner

Basic features: NoxCleaner has 3 basic features, as below:

  • Cleaning the junk files: The best feature in this junk file cleanup tool is that it will delete everything you don’t need, as well as delete malicious files, (Junk files, memory, junk ads, unused application)
  • Speed ​​up RAM: This feature will stop all applications running in the background, help optimize your phone’s RAM. Besides, it helps your phone focus only on the most-used app for the best operating condition.
  • Smart Delete: This feature will help you replace many things. You will not have to delete the wrong image files or videos.

NoxCleaner android app

The advantages of NoxCleaner

Clean up junk file

NoxCleaner removes junk files that slow down your phone. With a powerful data analysis tool, users can not only recover valuable free space from cleaning, application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more. In addition, the application can delete cache data from social networking applications such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram… without worrying about deleting the wrong files.

NoxCleaner scan

Applications management

NoxCleaner is a great application manager for Android devices, providing unused application information based on your application usage. Users can manage applications, remove unwanted apps and free up memory to speed up smartphones.

Smart image filtering

Users have bad photos and similar images are taking up space on the phone. Don’t worry, NoxCleaner can scroll through your photo gallery and select an album to sort, compare similar or duplicate photos and filter blurred photos. You can arrange similar and bad images with photo management.

NoxCleaner for android

Delete photos

Thanks to the data analysis technology of NoxCleaner, the app helps you identify photos that need to be cleaned up and organize your photo collection instead of taking hours to move through thousands of photos to find and delete unwanted photos like blurry photos, poor quality…

Compress photos

Good quality photos can take up a lot of memory space and affect the performance of the phone. NoxCleaner allows you to easily compress and resize images without losing quality. In addition, the application can help you clear the image cache and not leave too much invisible garbage stored on the phone.

Optimized with one touch

NoxCleaner optimizes Android device and battery life, cleans cache and memory with just one click. In addition, you can speed up phone memory and improve performance by removing unnecessary background running applications for faster operations.


As one of the most compact but effective apps on Android, NoxCleaner gives you a powerful experience when optimizing your phone. With smart features like junk files removal, application management and image compression, NoxCleaner can accelerate and maximize Android device performance.

Battery Saving

In addition, NoxCleaner also integrates system features helping you save battery very effective. With just 1 touch, you can rest assured that it will block all underground applications or features like GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth … cause wasting huge amount of battery in your Android smartphone.

Help play games smoother

No longer frustrated when playing mobile games like Garena Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Crossfire Legends … However, when the game is stressful, the phone is laggy. To solve this, you can use NoxCleaner to make your game running smoothly.

Note: NoxCleaner does not handle personal data related to users such as user names and email addresses. It will keep your information confidential.

The new features of the version:

  • Optimize the scanning process along with pictures management.
  • Speed ​​up scanning of blurry photos.
  • Add new cleaning technology to enhance the phone’s performance.
  • Fix the errors.
  • Freely to monitor Android CPU usage, CPU frequency, use GPU, use RAM, network activity

NoxCleaner apk app

Common features

  • Specified Clean: This feature allows you to clean, manage data (images, video, audio, etc.) on OTT applications such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat.
  • Battery saver: This function is similar to RAM Booster, NoxCleaner will find the app running in the background causing battery drain and turn them off.
  • Deep Clean: Advanced cleanup features, you can delete large files or duplicate files. To use, you need to allow “Accessibility” permission for the application.
  • Photo Manager: This is a nice and useful function, NoxCleaner will categorize images (similar, super large, blur, screenshot, video) on the device, so you can easily manage and clean them. Plus, with its large file size, NoxCleaner optimizes storage space for your device with powerful compression. Click Super Image, you will see a comparison of the quality of the original image and the image after compression.
  • Application manager: If you want to uninstall the app (not including the system app) then go here.

Some common questions when using NoxCleaner on Android:

Can we delete system buffer?

  • Yes, we can. When you want to use it to clean up the system buffer, the user must turn on the “Memory” manually. The detailed steps are Installation -> Application Management -> NoxCleaner -> Rights -> Activate the memory right.

Can we restore the deleted pictures?

  • No, we cannot. Therefore, you should be careful when doing this task.

Why should you turn on the right each time you clean the phone’s cache?

  • Because due to the privacy of the Android system, the application’s “storage” right will end after the registration process is turned off. Currently, this effective junk files scanning application will work and take up a bit of memory on your mobile phone. Therefore, you do not need to turn it off.

Does large picture compression affect image quality?

  • No, large images will be compressed according to the screen size of the mobile phone, so compression will not affect the viewing experience.

Can large images be restored after compression?

  • No, so be careful when doing so!

NoxCleaner apk mod


Overall, NoxCleaner is a very good application for Android today because it is very light that only 18Mb. Due to that, the phones can run smoothly. In addition, there are now more than 1 million downloads on Google Play and a lot of positive reviews about the app. Let’s download our APK version below to experience the useful features of this great application right now! If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps!

New updates:

✓ Optimizing the junk cleaning function, reducing the problem of deleting the wrong data
✓ Optimize notification bar, experience more convenient
✓ Optimized performance of memory booster and battery saver function.
✓ Fixed some bugs that existed before

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