Omega Legends MOD APK (Unlocked Character) v1.0.76

Full NameOmega Legends
Mod FeaturesUnlocked Character
Latest Version1.0.76
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Omega Legends is a Battle Royale game with a shooting style. It is similar to FORTNITE and APEX LEGENDS. Despite being released for a long time compared to the above names, Omega Legends has learned a lot and gradually built a strong position in the mobile gaming community. Although it is still a battle with 100 people participating in the familiar modes such as single match, Squad… Omega Legends promises to take you to extreme gun battles. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game right now!

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The familiar gameplay

In Omega Legends, players will play the role of a soldier. After setting foot on a deserted island, you have to try to survive. To do that, players must try the best to find out materials or destroy others because only 1 person can survive to the end. Of course, he will win the game.

More specifically, players will control the character to move continuously on the island or around the buildings to collect weapons, armor, ammunition and other necessary items. They are randomly on the map.

However, you should always watch out in this survival game. Enemies are everywhere. With a little distraction, they will kill you very quickly. To add a thrilling part, the publisher also added a ring mechanism (BO), which will automatically shrink after a certain time. At this point, you have to move and focus on the safe area. Otherwise, you will die outside. However, the battle will really start inside the ring. Therefore, you should prepare well before the shink time.

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The weapon system

In shooting games, the weapon system is the most important thing. Omega Legends is not an exception. Specifically, the developer designed weapons in a science fiction direction. Therefore, the equipment system is also relatively new, such as UMP-45, Vector, P90 and bombs, knives and bullets. Compared withgames of the same genre, Omega Legends is new and possesses more advanced fiction technology.

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The game modes

In addition to the Single-players mode, Omega Legends has two other types, consisting of regular and special. In the regular mode, there are some subs, including survival, lightning, and deathmatch. They are quite popular that you can find in any FPS and TPS game. Players can be easily approached without going through a complicated series of instructions.

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Supporting items

Because Omega Legends bases on Fonite and Apex Legend, the vehicles also have a futuristic style. The system of gliders, skateboards… will help you move faster than your opponent. However, they emit the sound, which is easy to be detected and killed. In particular, Omega Legends has more ability to fly with a device called jetpacks. Using this device will help players move from one location to another quickly while the least noise.

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The graphics

Omega Legends owns scientific graphics, so the details and images in the game are extremely unique. Besides, the context is quite similar to future movies or space travel. This is also a unique attraction of Omega Legends, which gives players a new feeling.

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The MOD feature

As usual, Omega Legends has more than six character classes for players to choose from. Each of them has a unique fighting style and skill set. Thanks to this, the matches become more attractive and dramatic.

However, not all characters are free and available. Players have to pay money to own them. Besides, you also need to meet some requirements to unlock some special characters.

In this article, we would like to provide you with the Mod version of the game. The MOD APK version will help you unlock the whole character so you can comfortably fight in your style.

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