Top 6 best PDF reader applications on Android smartphones

Top 6 best PDF reader applications on Android smartphones

PDF is one of the most popular document file formats in use today. However, to view this format on a smartphone, you need to use third-party applications. Currently, many programmers have developed apps that support reading and editing PDF files. In this article, we provide with you the list of the best PDF reader application on Android phones. Please join us to check them out right now!

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Adobe Reader) is a perfect application for reading PDF and processing PDF documents on Android. It is a popular tool, which is useful in both study and work.

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The key features of Adobe Acrobat DC – PDF Reader for Android

  • View PDF: quickly open PDF from email, web or files on the device.
  • View PDF Portfolios, PDF Packages, comments and drawings.
  • Read written notes like Sticky Notes.
  • Access encrypted PDF files: Users can open and view PDF files with password protection.
  • File access is secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management.
  • Support the highest level of PDF encryption, up to AES256.
  • Interact with PDF files: Search for details in the text.
  • Use bookmarks to move directly to a part of the PDF file.
  • Select single page or continuous scroll mode.
  • Increase or decrease the size of text/images for easier viewing.
  • Select text from the PDF file to copy to the clipboard.
  • File sharing: share PDF files with other applications including sending PDF documents as attachments.

2. CamScanner

CamScanner – Phone PDF app Creator is the leading solution for scanning and digitizing documents on mobile platforms. With CamScanner, users can quickly turn traditional documents into PDF/JPEG/PNG data to share with friends in a few simple steps. With more than 50,000 daily registrations, ranking in the TIME magazine’s top 50 apps in 2013 and being on the top developer list on Google Play, CamScanner is always the best choice to turn documents into photo data for mobile storage. Once installed on the device, CamScanner will turn the device’s camera into a perfect scanner. Also, it supports shape documents, rotating, cutting content for easy viewing on smartphones or tablets, and more.

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3. ezPDF Reader

ezPDF Reader is a comprehensive PDF file reader, which is highly appreciated. This software allows users to open, add annotations, and fill out PDF app forms on Android phones.

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Key functions:

  • Customizable display: Clearly display, the data will appear the same as on a computer but has been customized to fit the touch-screen devices. Besides, the app supports scanning PDF files or text files, including JPEG2000, JBIG2.
  • Filter PDF forms: If the PDF file is designed with the form filter feature, users can fill in the form section and apply labels on buttons. This is really handy for apps, school tests, and contracts.
  • Read text PDF files, compatible with SVOX
  • Play video and audio in the file
  • Display text with reflow function. At this point, users can choose to use Night/Day mode, which can change the size and font color.
  • Display thumbnails
  • Search and highlight results
  • Open a password PDF file.

4. Fast Scanner Free PDF Scan

Fast Scanner, as its name implies, allows users to scan documents with just a few simple steps. Besides, it is capable of recognizing text in multiple languages, writing, printed documents, invoices, Business Card, notes and many other types of documents. With Fast Scanner, users can quickly turn paper documents into image files for printing, emailing to colleagues or saving them as PDF or JPEG files very quickly.

Fast Scanner Free PDF Scan apk download

The key features of Fast Scanner for Android:

  • Scan easily a variety of documents, from invoices to books.
  • All PDF files can be exported to standard PDF format files. You can also add new pages or delete pages in the document.
  • Email scanned documents with just one touch.
  • Extremely fast operation.
  • Edit photos of scanned documents for easier reading.
  • Save files as images or PDF.
  • Open files with Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive, Google Drive
  • Print documents via Cloud Print
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets.

5. Foxit MobilePDF

Foxit MobilePDF for Android is a useful tool, providing you with the best way to access, manage and share PDF files on Android tablets or phones. Foxit MobilePDF – PDF Reader Editor will bring users many great features to view PDF documents directly. Also, the app uses the same PDF reading and processing technology as Foxit Reader. Currently, you can comfortably read your PDF documents easily with Foxit PDF Reader & Editor.

Foxit MobilePDF apk download

Key features of Foxit MobilePDF for Android:

  • View PDFs by moving sliders easily
  • Zoom in or out by tapping the screen
  • Open large PDF files quickly and make them legible for reading
  • Support for multiple view modes such as Single Page (Continuous Pages) & Continuous Page (Thumbnail Pages) & Thumbnails (Thumbnails) (navigate large documents using thumbnails).
  • Support viewing documents with reflow function, especially for smartphone users
  • Search for text within a file to search for the specific information you want.
  • Go to another page by page number
  • Open files with password protection
  • Share PDF files via email, Bluetooth and cloud services
  • Click hyperlinks in files to open linked websites.

6. Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader Pro is an interesting ebook reading application for Android devices. It supports the most popular ebook formats, such as txt, html, epub, pdf, umd, fb2, chm, zip or OPDS … In addition to fully integrating the professional features of an ebook utility, the app also owns a beautiful interface and fonts, a smooth page turning effect. Moreover, Moon + Reader Pro also provides an additional dictionary function, allowing users to look up words online and offline directly when reading books. Moreover, Moon + Reader Pro has many interesting features with up to 24 customizable actions, 5 auto-talk modes, 10 accompanying themes.

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