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Surely, you already know the PES game – the legendary football game on all gaming platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mobile… PES is considered the top football game at the moment. Currently, this game has beautiful graphics, unique gameplay and many advanced features.

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About PES 2021

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is an official soccer game from KONAMI, which was released on the Play Station platform on March 15, 2001. Every September, the developer always released a new version. Konami recently announced that the PES 2021 game will be officially launched on October 24. Thus, the new version of the football game series that many fans love will be available on both iOS and Android platforms after FIFA Mobile in a few days. However, a main update of the game has been available globally on October 19. This is the 21st version of PES, marking a very long way in the game. Right now, let’s join gameflash.vn to see what special features PES 2021 has and if KONAMI adds any special features.

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Changes of PES 2021 compared to previous versions

In this article, I will not go into the gameplay instruction or give an analysis of the features. Instead, I will give a close look at the changes of the PES 2021 version compared to another version. New players can refer to the PES 2020 article, which is about how to play as well as the key features of the PES game.

Changes in design and interface

First, the thing that makes everyone admire PES 2021 Mobile is the stunning configuration. The graphics of the game are extremely beautiful and bring modern breath 4.0. It makes gamers passionate right at first sight. The players who represent the club image are taken care of like the pictures in the magazine. Moreover, the interface of Pes 2021 is designed intuitively. When entering custom details in Squad, the black and blue background appears in the eyes. The player’s frame becomes prominent.

In my opinion, the graphics of the PES 2021 version is the best. KONAMI can say that the soul has blown the ball with unpredictable operations. It is no longer rolling anymore, which has been programmed as PES 2019 version. Through the analysis of the experienced football legends, the players in PES 2020 are extremely lively; the postures of passing the ball, receiving the ball…

Similarly, when you lose balance, the posture of the players and the control of the body has been taken to a new level with the personal attributes of the stars.

PES 2020 mobile apk interface

The personal indicators

Surely, you will agree with me that personal indicators are extremely important for the players. This is a key criterion to evaluate the level, price as well as skills of the players. In PES 2021, the individual indexes not only strongly influence the player’s gameplay, but also the entire team. For example, Barcelona-​​the club relies heavily on Lionel Messi’s performance. If Messi’s stats that day are not good, it will affect the team’s play.

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Changes in physical interaction

The physical interaction in PES 2021 is in the form of a reaction chain based on the actual playing ball, which was advised by Iniesta. The great part is that Konami has separated the balance from generally physical interaction. This makes the game very similar to real life, where not only do the big players keep up the good guys like Pes 2021 but the small players like Iniesta, Messi, Hazard … also keep a very good balance thanks to the control.

Konami pays attention more to the posture – this is precise because the receiving, passing, crossing and shooting posture will determine the quality and accuracy of that ball. The focus on the posture of the player also shows that you can not turn away. Besides, you do not need to turn the right style and still be able to pass accurately. In an uncomfortable position or quickly approached, you cannot have a finishing phase as expected.

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Changes in space and feeling

When entering the game, we will have a very different sense of space. It seems that the football field is wider than it is like the Camp Nou or Allianz Arena. However, the grass is not very satisfactory. Besides, the tempo of the game slows down, making the feeling of time longer, and the balls become more realistic than before. Unlike the highlight in Pes 2020. the player will be more difficult to quickly run from the middle area to the opponent’s penalty area. In addition, the management is also extremely realistic with a certain lag that we often see when watching football. Only players with very good body control skills can turn around as quickly as possible.

Besides, the pace of modern football is also perfectly updated in PES 21. The Pressing method is included. Also, the fitness of the players is not unreasonably lost like PES 2021. I played until the end of the game without having to change people. Moreover, the significant improvement is that the AMF position is not red after 2/3 matches but also like many other players and is very much involved in Pressing. The same is true of the position of the CMF – the diligent workers.

A strong change in tactics

The first is a chain reaction established by Konami when you cannot make an empty-space passing and players automatically move to the good position. Instead, you have to control both players to escape and the touch of the ball a little faster. Next, the tactics are also significantly improved when the defenders no longer act unreasonably to avoid the ball like Pes 2020. In PES 2021, they keep their positions, read the situation well and approach very quickly but take the ball from the player. The opponent should not be easy to overcome. Besides, the Pressing tactic makes the space suffocating and needed the personal qualities of the stars. It is an inspiring system, psychology calls that is person to person. A dribble through a magician, a surprising phase of the ball caused the teammates to participate in the exciting phase and break the opponent’s line.

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In addition to the above changes, PES 2021 will add many more leagues and clubs, which have long been copyrighted by FIFA Mobile. In general, KONAMI has brought players extremely real football. Players can freely show their skills. Besides, the upgraded graphics make the game more lively and majestic. Currently, PES 2021 has been launched on PC, Xbox, Play Station platforms. For the Mobile version, players can pre-register at the Tap tap game website or the KONAMI official website. We will put the link to all platforms in the download section of this article. Readers can refer to the link below. Thanks and have fun!

Installation Instructions:

  • Download all the files we have provided below
  • Install the APK file as usual.
  • Unzip the compressed file (We recommend using RAR Premium or Es File Manager). You get a folder named jp.konami.pesam. Now move it follow Android / OBB. The exact result is Android / OBB / jp.konami.pesam /
New updates:
  • Added “Match Pass”
    Added “VS AI Match” in Challenge Events
    New “Event Conditions” in Challenge Events 
  • Added “Debut Missions”
    Added new languages (Dutch, Greek, and Swedish)
    In-game asset and other data carryover process to be implemented
    Implemented various gameplay adjustmentsUpdated licenses
    Updated face models
    Updated player and manager thumbnails
    Fixes for various other issues were also applied in this update
    *Check out the News section in-game for more information.
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