Rise of Cultures MOD APK v1.51.3 for Android

Full NameRise of Cultures
PublisherInnoGames GmbH
Mod FeaturesUnlimited money/gems
Latest Version1.51.3
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Rise of Cultures MOD APK is the latest game from InnoGames GmbH – a producer of many interesting tactical games. At the moment, many games of action, role-playing, MOBA, or survival games are storming the world, InnoGames GmbH chooses its path of choosing the strategy genre as a development direction. The games of this company are in an ancient world style with quite simple gameplay. At this point, Rise of Cultures MOD APK is no exception when it comes to the ancient period. In which people only know how to hunt and gather for food. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game right now!

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Rise of Cultures apk download

Start with Rise of Cultures

In this game, you have to start with our main character, Felix. You will help him and his wife build and develop a prosperous and modern empire. The job will be very difficult when the game only provides you with a piece of a puzzle and a small stone house. After you have the first seeds, you have to plant them. Once harvested, you will receive experience points (bottom right corner of the screen), new homes, and new tribes friends.

– After having the first experience points, please visit the blue water bottle icon to see what you have.

– In the RESEARCH table, you will see periods. At this point, you are in the first phase – STONE AGE.

– Choose STONE AGE, and use 1 exp to unlock Tribal Settlement. In this category, players will get a new house. You should upgrade your existing house to City Hall, seeds and a certain amount of money.

– After unlocking the Tribal Settlement, you will continue with Cultivation. Then, you can unlock and receive 1 coin and a new field called RURAL FARM. At this point, you click Upgrade to upgrade RURAL FARM. After that, you can plant that seed. Especially, you should pay attention to the messages on the main screen. When you see it, you click on it you can receive Coins.

– While waiting for the crop, you can build new homes to welcome new members of the tribe. In the beginning, you only had two options, Small Home and Premium Home. After completing the building task, you will

receive 5 coins and 350 gems. Once done, you can give your village a name.

Rise of Cultures download apk

Fighting in Rise of Cultures

After Cultivation is unlocked, you will come to a sequel, SPEAR FIGHTING. Players can unlock it with 2 exp. After that, you get a new building, the Infantry Barracks, and a stone ax. Next, you select the map icon -> select the 2 sword icon and start hunting wild boars.

Entering the fight, your side will be divided into 2 halves. Specifically, the first half is the melee, and the second half is the archer. At this point, gamers have to pay attention to the HP bar. If your melee is weak, you should choose the stone icon to roll a large rock into the boar. After winning, you will receive 150 Coins, which is a huge amount for you to build your tribe.

Rise of Cultures download

Tribal development

Your tribe will be divided into 2 parts. The back support will be the people at home doing farming, breeding and house construction. The second part is the hunters, who bring the wealth directly to the tribe. Thereby, you need to upgrade hunters so they can bring more, as well as expand the tribal land. By selecting the hunter icon (top right corner of the screen), you can find your army and upgrade them with gems.

Next, you will get a binocular to find areas with wild animals. Move your army there and bring your tribe’s resources back. Then, your job in the STONE AGE era is to hunt lots of wild animals, get resources and unlock new times.

Rise of Cultures downoad mod

The graphics

Rise of Cultures has 2D graphics with an extremely beautiful color system. Specifically, the images are great. The sounds are quite amusing. Moreover, the game has portrayed real human life in ancient times. After you unlock the pyramids, tall buildings, or modern buildings, you will see how beautiful the graphics in Rise of Cultures are.

The MOD feature

Unlimited money/gems

Rise of Cultures mod apk


GAMEFLASH.VN has just provided readers with the first steps when you experience Rise of Cultures MOD APK. To download it, please visit the link at the end of this article. If you find this article helpful, please share and leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

– Active Wonders of other players are now visible when you visit them!
– If there are new tasks or rewards to collect in the Season Pass, you will see a notification.
– The bar in the Season Pass now goes from zero to the required progress to reach the next checkpoint, instead of basing on the total season progress.


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