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Rise Of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is an MMO strategy game that is about developing a new empire. The game is one of the greatest products from Lilith Games, which is very hot on Android at the moment. The game was designed for building a new kingdom and developing the power to protect it from being invaded. In this article, gameflash.vn would like to bring you a quality article on the gameplay and prominent features of the Rise Of Kingdoms MOD APK. Let’s check it out right now!

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The gameplay

If you have ever played some popular game like The War Of Genesis or Primal Wars or Mafia City, you can easily understand the gameplay of Rise Of Kingdoms. If you just play this genre for the first time, you might have a bit of difficulty because you have to pay attention to a lot of things.

In the game, your main goal is to develop power and protect the empire from enemies. Other players can attack your land and steal resources at any time. As a king, you are responsible for protecting this empire by recruiting soldiers, and commanding and upgrading buildings. Of course, you also need to lead the army to attack the others’ kingdoms to occupy their resources. In short, to increase the empire’s power, you have to train soldiers, upgrade buildings/equipment and the strength of your army.

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The remarkable things of Rise Of Kingdoms


In the game, the commander takes on the task of leading military units in battle. You can control and assist your soldiers with skills, buffs, and talents. Whether chasing the enemy, occupying the base or playing the game in the adventure mode, you can change the commander before you fight.

At the lower-left corner of the main screen, gamers can tap the Menu button and select commander. Then, on the left corner of the next screen, you can check the total commanders you have. If the commander has good leadership skills, that character can grant strong buffs to soldiers.

How to recruit a good commander: To get a good commander, you can go to City View => check the equipment => touch the search/recruit icon => open the boxes including silver & gold. High-quality items or commanders may appear in the gold box. Feel free to open the silver box after a certain period of time, which can give you items like speed boosts, EXP or Sculpture book (need to level up stars or upgrade command skills), and generals.

How to upgrade the commander: Go to the character menu, select the commander who wants to upgrade => touch the plus icon next to the level bar to use the knowledge booklet (EXP). When the commander reaches the maximum level, you can increase the Star level (from 1 to 2, 2 to 3 …) by touching the arrow icon next to the star. On the next screen, choose Sculpture to develop the commander. Besides, you can press auto-add to select automatically as well as get Sculpture from the boxes in the pub or in expedition mode.

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Rise Of Civilization has similar gameplay to other MMO strategy games. Each time you upgrade, you will earn the ability points. They can be used to activate the commander’s ability. In which, you can go to Commander screen => select command => click Talent button. On the next screen, you will see the Talent tree, which you can tap the Talent icon to upgrade or activate. When touching this icon, you will get detailed information about the buffs. Please read it carefully before using the Talent points.

The skillset

Each commander has 4 skills. You can unlock new skills by leveling up stars or upgrading skills with Sculpture. In this section, you can go to Commander menu=> select Commander => Skills => Upgrade. You can find Sculpture in the box or complete the challenge in Expedition mode.

Rise Of Civilizations includes 11 different types of commanders as below:

  • Attacker – Good at attacking the enemy base/empire.
  • Support – Assist the teammates in battle.
  • Infantry – Provides buffs for infantry units.
  • Archer – The commander can increase the attack of archers and moving speed.
  • Cavalry – If you own a cavalry unit (more than other types), take advantage of this type of commander because their skill buffs can increase the speed of moving and attacking power.
  • Nuker (Control of nuclear weapons) – Powerful radiation skills.
  • Jungler – It is advantageous to handle barbarians.
  • Disabler – Limit the enemy’s fighting ability.
  • Defender – Good at arranging defense forces (placing them on the wall area).
  • Gatherer – Boost the collecting speed (use this character to collect resources on the map).
  • Leader – Grant powerful buff to all the units.

The buildings system

Rise Of Civilizations has 2 types of buildings: economic and military, including:

  • City Hall – City Hall is the center of civilization. If you don’t upgrade it, you can’t develop in the game.
  • Lumber Hill – This is the Hill for wood production.
  • Shop Farm – Food production.
  • Quarry – stone mining.
  • Post Trading – Join the alliance and use this means to exchange resources with other members.
  • Courier Station – Trade point.
  • Academy – Research technology.
  • Storage – Protect the source from intruders.
  • Hospital – Heal the soldiers.
  • Castle – Use rail feature.
  • Tavern – Recruit a commander and open the box.
  • Scout Camp – Discover or find unknown locations.
  • Barrack – Training infantry units.
  • Stable – Coaching cavalry units.
  • Siege Workshop – Train siege weapons.

Above are the things that players need to pay special attention to in Rise Of Kingdoms. In addition, you can refer to the article “The necessary strategies for playing Rise Of Kingdoms” to get used to this game quickly.

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The updates of Rise Of Kingdoms MOD APK:

Events in the kingdoms

Every lost Kingdom season will be a long-term competition between many kingdoms that last more than two months. The Lost Kingdom event will gradually be opened to all kingdoms after the update. All governors and alliances will be able to participate in these events. Some of these events will even allow governors to exchange their unused commanding sculptures to receive rewards or event points.

Achievement system

After completing the missions, you can earn a lot of achievements and win special rewards. It is for your performance and military skills. Besides, all the achievements will be saved so that you can share them with your friends.

Complete the kingdom transfer function

Finally, you will be able to play with friends from other Kingdoms.

Governors that meet certain requirements will now be able to use special items to migrate to other kingdoms. The king will be able to set limits on the maximum power of immigrants. Some commanders may be temporarily restricted after migrating to a new kingdom.

To use the transfer function, you need to meet the requirements below:

  • The main house must be level 16 or higher.
  • Need an item called passport pages. In the Kingdom ranking, your position will be corresponding to the number of Passport Pages needed.
  • All the military lines are empty (all troops are in the city).
  • Not in any battle.
  • Not in any alliance.
  • Your current resource does not exceed the repository limit.
  • King will limit his power in the new kingdom.

Rise Of Civilizations apk mod game

Optimize troops

To make the game more vivid and improve the strategic feature of the game, the manufacturer optimized the current unlimited troop movement system in the Ark of Osiris and Expedition mode, which are available worldwide. Besides, we added functionality to allow governors to direct all of their armies simultaneously.

Other features

  • I-VI Alliance skills have been unlocked.
  • New name and avatar frame.
  • Baibars commander was modified to be more accurate in history.

In addition to the above features, Rise Of Kingdoms MOD APK has 11 civilizations, 34 heroes and exciting real-time battles on many different maps. In order to have a strong kingdom as well as avoid being defeated, you should focus on upgrading the important houses like cavalry or infantry. City walls are also one of the important things to protect your country.

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Rise Of Kingdoms is a great game, which will give you the best strategy gaming experience. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:

1. The National Market series of events
2. Great Celebration
3. Beginning of the Conquest Season Story Pioneer event “Epic – Hero’s Treasure”

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