Salesforce APK v226.030.0 for PC & Android

What is Salesforce?

Today, when talking about Salesforce APK cloud computing, we think of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Salesforce provides comprehensive solutions for sales, management and customer care services. There are many companies that are using this app because of the high security and flexible cost depending on the size of the business structure.

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The key features of Salesforce APK


With Module Chatter, your employees can quickly update and share information with customers and related people. This tool not only provides quick work and coordination between employees within the same company but also creates close relationships between customers and related departments.

In addition, the functions related to Profile help business staff to post the most complete and convincing information about themselves including images, professional capacity, experience, education … Thereby, customers and relevant partners can better understand the business capabilities of both the company and the person they work with. It definitely brings more sales opportunities to the company.

Based on the work requirements of each group, Salesforce CRM supports the right to share work, information and documents among groups. Even for unpublished projects, you can also set up secret groups.

Besides, with relevant information, sales opportunities and real-time customer updates and filtering tools will help you get the fastest control and focus only on the information you need.

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Customer management and contact information

Salesforce CRM’s customer and contact management functions help sales staff capture customer information quickly. They include customer transaction history, reference person’s contact, customer information, interactions, financial capabilities…

Moreover, the focus management of all customer information helps business staff in the same group to be able to support each other, simultaneously capture changes happening from customers.

The information stored by customers plays the role of a reference source for the sales and marketing department. Employees can track activities and history of exchanging information with key customers. Thereby, it helps users create new action plans that are more appropriate for each customer.

Marketing and potential customers

With Salesforce CRM, Marketing activities will be closely connected with the business. With centralized data management capabilities, each marketing campaign is closely monitored through every stage. You can now identify potential customers and make contract with customers.

As a result, you know what marketing activities are effective for the company and have the right decisions for allocating budgets for different marketing activities. Also, this tool integrates with Google Adwords and Email Marketing ads. There is a function of identifying and targeting potential customers than increasing business opportunities.

Sales opportunities and quotation

The “Sales Opportunities” section of Salesforce CRM shows the most important details about the big contracts that your team is following. For example, it will analyze for you with useful questions like how much each opportunity worth? which is the competitor?, or which step is the agreement being promoted at the time of signing the contract? With “Opportunities”, you can closely monitor your contracts and increase your chances of winning the customer.

Business analyzing, reporting and forecasting

Everyone, from staff to management or sales staff, can see business data with just a few clicks. This helps users make quick business decisions and estimates future sales accurately.

Besides, the company can better estimate the revenue and the needs of the product, from which management can make better business plans. With Salesforce CRM, you can be sure that you are acting on valuable data. Also, you will not encounter duplicates of contact information, customer company or potential customers.

Set up and manage the working procedure

Salesforce APK allows the executive board not only to monitor the daily schedule of the employees but also to eliminate the possibility of assigning duplicate jobs. Besides, it supports automatic approval for management. We should mention the features including automating the sales process, automatic approval, flexible work assignment and business resource allocation.

Thereby, the cumbersome procedures or paperwork will no longer be a limitation of the sales force in the company.

Email and productivity

The reason why sales staffs and managers like SalesCloud application is due to they can use this application with others, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Google.

Also, the quick integration with different tools of Salesforce helps users solve the job quickly and smarter.

Information library

At this point, information library is integrated into Sales Cloud, helping users no longer have to struggle with mountains of messy emails and directories. With web functions like tagging, searching, ranking…, the app helps you quickly find what you need (the latest product introduction file, case studies, sharing experiences from colleague…).

Partner management

Loyal business partners can increase indirect sales. With the partner management function, cooperation with important partners is as easy as cooperation between departments or individuals in the same company.

Besides, this tool allows you to work more closely with your partner in real time. Specifically, you can share business information and track collaboration steps. Now, it is easier to build and manage the loyal partners.

Support on mobile devices

With access to mobile devices, you can memorize a phone call, respond to a customer who is interested in the product. Also, they can access important information, such as sales opportunities, image reports … without having to open the computer.

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The information about Salesforce v222.3 for PC & Android:

  • Name: Salesforce
  • Version: 222.030.0
  • Manufacturer:, Inc
  • Size: 8.8 Mb
  • Support: Windows 7+, Android 2.2 +
  • ROOT: Not needed.

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Currently, Salesforce CRM is trusted by more than 93,000 enterprises and business groups worldwide, with more than 3 million online subscribers on system. Besides, there are big corporations in the world, such as Dell, Symantec, City Group, etc. Since then, they have shown the wide coverage and undeniable preeminent features of this software. Marketers and business owners should immediately install this software to boost their productivity as well as increase sales opportunity for the company. Below is the download link of Salesforce CRM. Have the best experience!


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