Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG APK v1.0.29

Full NameShadow Brides: Gothic RPG
PublisherLaura Games
Mod FeaturesNot yet
Latest Version1.0.29
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG is an extremely interesting horizontal screen strategy game from the producer Laura Games. Gamers will play the role of a hero, who is on the journey of saving the world. Moreover, you are also a pompous boss, who holds the command and power to control the hot warrior girls. Besides the intensive story, the game also gives you simple gameplay and beautiful graphics. Surely it will not let you down. Please join us to discover Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG APK right here!

The story

Since Shifu’s death, our protagonist has been having nightmares, caused by the nightmare queen Bathory. Because of Shifu’s assignment, he must defeat Bathory to atone for the sins of humanity. Hundreds of years ago, Bathory and the devil made an agreement, based on the condition to open the gates of hell, to absorb 8 powers from the demon world. However, when the gate opened, it also released evil energies that infected people and turned them into uncontrollable and sinful entities. In the end, Bathory grew tired of the deal and decided to seal the eight powers in True Blood and disappeared.

Before Shifu passed away, he left our protagonist a maid named Dora, implanted with a demon’s heart, capable of sensing True Blood. However, it is because of True Blood’s loss of control that Dora often has outrageous actions or words. This makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes. However, Dora is a trusted servant who will help you through your trials.

The gameplay

– Join battles with monsters. After defeating them, the player will receive many gifts and materials to upgrade. Besides, the main character will also receive a lot of experience to level up and increase strength.

– Upgrade Hero’s Magic Rank to get more power.

– Lineup the team: Collect characters to build a battle squad.

– Complete the missions.

Shadow Brides Gameplay finalBattle Mechanism

– Players will participate in monster-slaying missions. You will have the right to bring up to 10 female characters into the match. However, players cannot use them all at once. Each champion has a timeout. You should take advantage of ready champions quickly.

– After completing each chapter, gamers get many rewards and continue the new journey with more interesting tasks. Of course, the new battles will be much more difficult.

– In addition to the manual combat system, the game also provides you with automatic mechanics, freeing your hands to do many other things or simply watching your sexy girls fighting the demons. This is like watching a movie you wrote yourself.

Shadow Brides Battles final

Other features:

– Create beautiful, hot characters.

– Diverse character system with many skills and effects.

– The main character can interact and build affection with the girls.

– Interaction with female characters: This is considered an extremely interesting point of this game. You can kiss, upgrade your character and get hot pics.

– Create squads according to diverse tactics.

– Build and decorate the bedroom. This is also considered the attraction of this game.

Shadow Brides features Final

Top-notch 3D graphics

In Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG, you will enjoy beautiful images, vivid sounds, and extremely magical effects. Besides, the female characters are built beautifully and sexy. Male players will certainly not be able to miss such an interesting game.

Download Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG APK for free for Android

In this article, sends you the APK file of this game because it is not available on the Android app store. Players can access the links below to choose for themselves a suitable file. They are free and safe for your portable devices. If you have any questions about Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG APK, please leave a comment in this article. Have fun!

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