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SHAREit APK for Android is a powerful data sharing application, which supports many file types. It is perfectly compatible with most Android devices as well as is free to download and use. SHAREit APK is a great product of Lenovo software company. At the moment, this app is available on PC, Android and iOS devices. SHAREit APK is a very effective tool, allowing users to share photos, videos, music, documents and contacts. It can even share the applications that were installed from a device to another or group of devices. By using the wireless communication protocol, SHAREit APK helps users change the complicated and time-consuming cable connection. Besides, it does not need Bluetooth or strong data or Wifi connection when you want to share the file.

SHAREit apk

How does SHAREit APK work?

In the main interface of SHAREit, you can send any type of file from Video, Application, Picture, Music … After selecting the files, you will go to the radar scanning screen to see if any device is in the Shared Area (ShareZone). If it is available, users just click and send. If you want to connect to Android or WP, you can choose “Connect to Android / WP or select” Connect PC ” if you want to connect to PC. Now the program will automatically turn on Wifi-direct and create a Wifi hotspot (this does not need password). On the Android device, you can go to Settings> Wifi and connect to the Wifi hotspot that Android device is sharing.

After that, you go back SHAREit on Android and select “Receive”. You will receive the file sending from the IOS device. It is the same if you want to send files from Android to IOS. However, because iOS does not use Wifi-direct, Android will do this.

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The key features of SHAREit APK

Intuitive interface and easy control

SHAREit provides an intuitive interface, which is is quite simple to use. Users can use the drag and drop, copy and paste operations to add files to the sending section. If you want to transfer data successfully, all connected devices must be installed ShareIt and must be close enough. Compared to other shareware like Mobiledit, SHAREit has better sharing speed. If you often have to convert data between devices due to work requirements, this is definitely a great software for you.

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Phone Replication

When you buy a new phone, you need to transfer data such as contacts, messages, music, videos, etc. from old to new. Here, SHAREit has this impressive feature called Phone Replication. You can copy all your data with just one click. In case you want to secure your apps when you use this feature and others keep your phone, you can also use the Applock app. Accordingly, It will help you be more secured by locking the applications.

Multi-platform support

SHAREit not only supports Android but also supports Mac, Windows and PC. Whenever you want to share something between your phone and your computer on Android and Windows, you can seek the help of this special software.

Super-fast file transferring

SHAREit high-speed transmission provides the best data transfer rate available today. The dveloper have helped it reach speeds of 20Mb/s. But you will get about 15 Mb/s. If you send files via Bluetooth, you will find it immediately when you switch to using this application.

SHAREit allows you to transfer files from one device to another with fast speed. It uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files up to 20 Mbp/s. That means it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer. With dual data transmission, it can also transfer multiple files at once. Also, you can transfer files to multiple devices at the same time. The app helps you save much time and make file transfer simpler. Moreover, it supports the group sharing that you can do by using Bluetooth transmission.

The most remarkable thing is that you can transfer files of any size or any type. It is also useful if the application size is too large. You can save your mobile data.

SHAREit apk speed

Support all file types

You can use SHAREit APK to share any file type. On Android, you can do it directly from the app or the file manager. You will easily share music, photos, videos or documents…

In addition, SHAREit APK is a multi-platform file sharing application on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac platforms. Therefore, you can transfer files between any devices running on a supported platform. SHAREit has more than 1 billion users. This number is large and this article will explain this application has been trusted by a billion users globally.

If you don’t use SHAREit APK, you can use other ways like Bluetooth, cloud memory or external media. If I only consider mobile phones, Bluetooth is the main option. However, sharing large data via Bluetooth will take much time. That is the reason why SHAREit is the best choice in every situation.

ShareZone SHAREit APK

SHAREit APK now also comes with Share Zone. It allows you to share several files with friends. All files you put into Share Zone will be available for your friends to download. Also, you can access files on your friends’ Share Zone.

Besides, SHAREit APK comes with a nice utility application called CLONEit. With this application, you can copy your Android phone in just a few clicks. If you bought a new Android phone, you can transfer all files, applications, messages and contacts in minutes without mobile data.

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In summary, SHAREit APK is a useful and simple application for everyone. Thanks to it, you can share files anywhere, anytime easily and quickly. It cannot be wrong beyon the trust of one billion users around the world. You can download the app at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New update:

1.The sender and receiver pages have been redesigned to be more user-friendly!
2. Optimized playback experience.

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