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Full NameSleep Fan App
PublisherBeauty Mania Apps and Games
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.1.5
RequireAndroid 4.2+
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Good sleep is the best element for starting a new working day. However, not everyone can have that every day. Insomnia or trouble sleeping is a syndrome that everyone has had at least once. It is due to the location, work pressure, or noisy surroundings. At this point, the app Sleep Fan App was born to solve the problem of sleeplessness for everyone. By adopting a pleasant fan sound, users will fall asleep more quickly and comfortably. Currently, “The easy-to-sleep sound fan application” – Sleep Fan App is causing fever in the online community because of its excitement and great benefits. So far, it has more than 1 million downloads and tens of thousands of positive reviews on Google Play. Please join us to find it out right now!

Sleep Fan App apk

The key features in Sleep Fan App

The noise from the fan helps you sleep better and faster. Besides, it helps your mind not be affected by outside noise. You fall asleep in the most natural way.

Also, users can adjust the speed, sound of the fan according to levels 1,2,3, or 4. Depending on the surrounding environment, if you are having noise problems such as vehicles, construction sites…, you can turn on the highest level. Moreover, there are many types of fans in the app. Each of them has a different sound. It is a very good application when you combine it with an air conditioner.

“White noise” in the easy-to-sleep noise fan App

White noise, also known as white music, has long been scientifically proven to help people focus on sleep. You can sleep better and deeper. Besides, the white noise applies to all ages, including children. This is a special form of noise that is produced by the combination of different types of sounds with different frequencies. White noise is a type of sound with low frequencies, played continuously evenly.

So does the white noise in the Sleep Fan App. With low frequency, pleasant sound, and can be adjusted to a large level, baby, you will fall asleep naturally. Also, there are a lot of videos on the internet right now, but they often make your battery drain. Even many devices cannot turn off the screen while playing video. However, Sleep Fan App is different. You just turn on the app, choose the appropriate level then turn off the screen and start relaxing.

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Sleep Fan App is making the storm all over the world with a small feature but it has served the needs of users very well. In addition to the fan noise, the app has other relaxing sounds. Set fan speed at the appropriate level, white noise will put you to sleep every night, most naturally and comfortably. Good night with Sleep Fan App!\

New update:

★ App performance has been improved
★ App performance has been improved
★ TWO NEW THEMES available!
Your favorite “Sleep Fan App” just got better in many ways!
★ The timer is here: now you can set the duration time of your sleep fan session!
★ Zen music for more relaxation
★ We added 5 more languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German.
★ More options in settings: enable/disable notifications and app activity when the phone is locked or in sleep mode.

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