Soul Knight MOD v5.0.0 (MONEY, Unlocked Character)

Full NameSoul Knight
Mod FeaturesEnergy, Unclocked All Character
Latest Version5.0.0
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Soul Knight MOD (MONEY, Unlocked Character) is a very interesting Dungeon adventure game from ChillyRoom. The game has smooth and extremely interesting gameplay, combining RPG and shooting genres. After playing it, you will see it as the best shooter that you have found on Google Play at the moment. With Soul Knight, you will discover the world deep in dark castles, collect weapons, avoid dodging bullets and destroy the enemies.

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Soul Knight apk

The gameplay

If you are looking for a new shooter game with a bit of classic entertainment, Soul Knight is a great choice to experience. In the game, you move through Dungeon rooms and corridors and fight against bad guys. You cannot shoot through the wall from the outside or vice versa. Every activity has to take place inside.

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Key features

The diverse and modern weapons system

Soul Knight offers more than 120 different weapons such as pistols, basic pistols, grenades, bows, melee weapons, magic swords and laser gun. Each weapon has its own strong points. For example, when you use a gun, you can destroy the enemy quickly but consume a lot of Mana. Therefore, I rarely use this weapon. While the Blade can inflict greater damage but its range is quite short. However, I like to use blades because I don’t waste Mana on this weapon.

Soul Knight mod apk

Rich challenges

Coming to Soul Knight, you will step into the journey to conquer many different areas. Each area consists of 5 levels, in which you will confront one of the two bosses. Each time, you can call help from the support items between levels including basic things like maximum health upgrades, immunity to fire, poison, or traps, and in-store discounts, reducing load time for bows. Besides, there are many other unique supporting skills such as the ability to hit bullets on an opponent or increase your chances of finding health potions.

Soul Knight mod

The interesting hero and pet system

In the game, you have a pet that assists you in the battle. You can buy another type of pet in the store. When you had enough gold, you can also hire 3 other mercenaries to together fight with you. Soul Knight’s hero system is also quite rich. Each character class has its own unique ability. Besides, you should note that all weapons, except for original weapons, melee weapons, and some special weapons, are fired with energy instead of bullets. Therefore, you have to fully load energy before every battle.

Soul Knight pet & hero

Many in-game currencies

The game has different currencies including Gold and Gem. In the game, you can use gold to hire soldiers and support items. Meanwhile, Gems are premium currencies, which you can use to buy new characters and pets, upgrade your current characters, and buff items. Also, you can play a mini-game in the Lounge section for obtaining a super-powerful weapon to start your race, or even win more gems. A great thing about this game is that it has no ads, except you watch ads to receive 200 gems.

Soul Knight Mod apk Money

Unique graphics and design

Soul Knight is designed with simple 2D animation graphics. The game is still very nice and works smoothly on a mobile device. Besides, the sound system is vivid, which gives gamers a true gaming experience.

Soul Knight graphics


In general, Soul Knight is a great game with unique gameplay and smooth operation. Everything is designed in detail. Meanwhile, the figures of characters or monsters are designed in a very funny 2D format. Please follow our website regularly to update more interesting games and apps. Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:

Fixed bugs and added improvements.



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