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If you are a fan of simulation, strategy and fighting games, Star Trek: Fleet Command is a perfect choice for you. The game is a good simulation of the famous science fiction series Star Trek. In which players will begin their journey as space wanderers. Then, you have to get your first ship, build a shelter with your friend Scotty, and write your legend from here. In this article, we would like to provide you with the APK file of the game for free, named Star Trek Fleet Command APK. Please join us to find it out right now!

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Star Trek Fleet Command apk

The main content

Star Trek Fleet Command is a management simulation game with a large and epic universe. After the eminent captain Scotty left the USS Enterprise, you would be free to use this ship. The game will give you enthusiastic instructions on how to accumulate resources, how to build your base, learn how to recruit, train and assign troops on board.

In addition to the bad planets, there are still quite a few planets that need help on the map. At this point, gamers should cooperate with them to have a strong alliance to destroy the bad forces in space. Besides, the battles will give you more resources. After that, you can use them to build your bases, forts and fences.

Star Trek Fleet Command content

Explore the vast galaxy

When you arrive on a planet in the solar system and look around, you will see many factors that you need to deal with. They are ships, enemy ships, and special resource extraction zones. Also, some mining areas will run out of resources over time. Enemies and enemy ships can crush you while your ship is active and disable it completely. Note, that gamers cannot challenge other players until they reach level 10. The next piece of advice will assist you until you reach that level.

Star Trek Fleet Command galaxy

Choose a battlefield smartly

As you explore every corner of the galaxy, you will encounter enemy battleships, from small to your weaker ships. To better understand the enemy, you should use the Scan feature, for having all of their information.

Star Trek Fleet Command battle

Build and defend the base

In Star Trek Fleet Command, your base is called Starbase. After spending enough time completing quests, collecting chests, and exploiting resources, you can stop exploration to return to the base. Then, you can use Speed Up items to finish building/upgrading missions faster. However, players should save them to speed up training time and upgrade officers.

Star Trek Fleet Command build

Form alliances with other players

At this point, you can link with other players in the same network. After cooperating, you and your ally will take on many quests. Signing in regularly will help you both help each other complete tasks. When your network reaches higher team levels, the alliance will have more resources. Besides, the alliance network will expand, and membership will increase.

Star Trek Fleet Command

Complete daily events

Star Trek Fleet Command provides specific and detailed daily mission guidelines. In which the Missions tab always tells you the most important tasks to complete. To collect the most resources, you should complete every task in the Daily Goal section. Every 10 minutes, 4 hours, or 1 day, you can check and receive gifts. So, please check them regularly in the Gift section.


Overall, Star Trek Fleet Command apk mod is a very successful film simulation game with beautiful and realistic graphics. Besides, there are many interesting features, such as character collecting, upgrading, building, attacking, collecting resources… Moreover, this game satisfies your hobby of exploring the vast universe. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates: 

The latest update in Star Trek Fleet Command brings the galaxy back into the conflict with all eyes on the Cardassia-Bajor theater. A man defined by war and his quest for peace welcomes you to our newest chapter, Deep Space Nine.

New co-op feature, the Alliance Starbase
New officer recruits: Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys and Miles O’Brien
Added New missions and stories following the story of Terok Nor
And much more

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