Tap Titans 2 MOD APK v5.23.1 (Unlimited Money)

Full NameTap Titans 2: Clicker RPG Game
PublisherGame Hive Corporation
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version5.23.1
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Tap Titans 2 is a sequel to the famous role-playing action game from Game Hive Corporation, which is named Tap Titans. Accordingly, gamers can play it anywhere, at any time because Tap Titans 2 has easy one-touch gameplay. After the success of the first version with 50 million downloads worldwide, this is the time for Game Hive to release the second version of the game with lots of special modes and features. Let’s join gameflash.vn to find out about the game!

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The gameplay

In Tap Titans 2, you will play the role of a powerful swordsman whose mission is to protect the world from giant creatures. From the very beginning, players have to join fierce battles but are attractive. You will defeat monsters and Bosses in turn according to the game’s storyline. Each stage consists of 9 monsters and a boss at the end of the level. Tap Titans 2 does not limit the number of playing times. If you feel your power is not enough, you can go back to the previous levels and accumulate some money to upgrade your power. After defeating a boss, you have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards.

In addition to the attractive Storyline game mode, the game is famous for its simple touch control mechanism. Surely, gamers are not unaware of the legendary game named Fruit Ninja. The one-touch operation of Tap Titans 2 is the same. When the opponent appears on the screen, you just need to swipe your finger on the screen to control the sword to attack. There is a trick you should know, that you can use multiple fingers at the same time to increase d

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The key features

Upgrade characters

Although the gameplay is somewhat simple when just touching the screen, the game is still really interesting thanks to the upgrading system. The more you participate in battles and defeat more bosses, the better the battling indicators will be. Besides, it is another way to upgrade the power which is to earn lots of rewards from defeating the boss in each level. Tap Titans 2 does not limit the number of playing turns, so you can playback the previous levels to earn more money for upgrading. This is also quite an easy way to overcome the difficulties of the game.

Giant Boss system

In each stage, you will have to destroy a total of 9 small bosses and 1 big boss at the end. Besides, the game has a lot of giant bosses, each of which has different shapes, colours and skills. Also, they have a unique set of skills, requiring the player to have a good ability to dodge their moves.

Tap Titans 2 modapk boss


Unlike the first part, you are not alone in the 2nd part. When you reach certain levels, the game gives you an extremely funny pet. It is a trusted companion on the battlefield, which can be said to be your “right hand”. Each animal has different skills for increasing damage, reviving the character, or attacking an opponent. Just like a character, you can also collect materials to upgrade your pet.

Interesting game modes

In addition to the story mode, Tap Titans 2 complements the multiplayer mode. You can create or join clans with other players to defeat the strongest Boss Titan. Besides, you can fight other players in tournaments to get more amazing rewards.

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The graphics

Tap Titans 2 is designed with animated 3D graphics in a simple way but very beautiful and colorful. In each game, it brings you to a different place up to 10 beautiful kingdoms instead of using only a battleground. Each battlefield is designed with a very different scientific interface and colors. You may touch the icons on the screen when fighting. It is not a good thing but the manufacturer has limited this.

List of upgrading items in Tap Titans 2

To upgrade your character, collecting or buying resources is the best way. We have compiled different items for stage 1 – the beginning levels. You can refer to the list below:

  • Book Shadows (Increase prestige)
  • Heroic Shield (Increase gold)
  • Ax of Muerte (Increases critical attack opportunities, plus high damage items)
  • Furies Bow (Increases pet damage)
  • Fruit of Eden (Increasing heroic damage in melee combat)
  • The charm of the Ancient (Increasing magic damage of heroes)
  • Sword of Storms (Increases total damage to heroes)
  • Blade of Damocles (Increases damage to all heroes you hire)

We will try to add artifacts of higher levels in the following articles.

Tap Titans 2 game apk

How to make money, gold, and diamonds

To upgrade weapons, you can use gold or diamonds. Gamers can get gold by playing every day; diamonds can be earned by watching advertisements. Signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account will give you 50 diamonds. All the above problems will be solved when /gameflash.vn/ brings you Tap Titans 2 APK MOD (Money). This mod version brings players a lot of gold coins and diamonds, so you can easily upgrade characters and pets.

Tap Titans 2 MOd apk


It can be said that Tap Titans 2 met the needs of playing the simple, gentle, and entertaining game in your free time. You can click on our Tap Titans 2 APK MOD (Money) link below to own the latest version that brings the easiest, most complete, and funniest gaming experience. Please give us your feedback in the comment section below for supporting us to work better! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:
– Fixed issues with the privacy policy
– Serverside optimization improvements
– Fixed minor localization issues
– Fixed minor visual issues
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