Teamfight Tactics Mobile v10.6 – The strongest squads

Teamfight Tactics Mobile – The strongest squads

Teamfight Tactics Mobile (TFT) has been officially released by Riots globally on iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, this game is also synchronized by the manufacturer on both Mobile and PC. That means players on these two platforms have to meet and compete with each other. Also, Riots has just released Season 3 of Teamfight Tactics Mobile. It will be very beneficial for gamers when it will help you to be able to fight for rankings at any time.

On the occasion of these 2 events being released together, please join with to find out which teams’ formation will be the strongest team in this season.

The strong squad in TFT season 3

TFT season 3 (or known as TFT 10.6) not only brings the new clan, equipment, and the heroes. We will also modify the game features and old equipment. Here are the strongest squads of Teamfight Tactics Mobile Season 3 – Infinite Galaxy (TFT version 10.6).

1. Dark Star Squad Shaco


This formation simply used the synergy buff between Shaco and Dark Star. It increases heroes’ equipment so they can jump over and kill the main team’s carry hero of the enemy team.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 darkstar shaco

When should we build Dark Star Shaco?

First, gamers should try to find all Dark Star generals right from the start of the match, or find Shaco early. With less gold income in season 3, it’s not easy to focus on finding heroes to complete this squad. Besides, you also need to find some B.F Sword for Shaco to equip to him.

The instructions for building the Dark Star Shaco squad:

Early game: Jarvan and Mordekaiser will be the best generals that give you a pretty strong tanker. Also, Caitlyn will be a good damage champion at the beginning of the game. It will be the best to have Ashe for as much Gunner buff as possible.

Mid-game: In midgame, you just need to focus on taking 6 Dark Stars on the battlefield. If you can’t find all 6, you should prioritize Dark Star champions like Shaco and Jhin. They can use other synergy buffs like Protector or Celestial on the team. In which, you can put Shaco, Jhin, Jarvan, Mordekaiser, Wukong, Xin Zhao or Rakan on the battlefield.

General tips:

Shaco is very similar to Kha’Zix in season 2, but he is easier to get 3 stars because he only has 3 gold.

Any additional equipment can be used if necessary. Besides, you should not store items because the arrangement of items in the common selection in this season 3 is very random. However, you can try to pack Shaco and use equipment to balance the pressure at the beginning of the game and survive until the end of the game. Also, it is possible to replace Cho’Gath for Wukong if he is not found.

Appropriate equipment:

Shaco: Spear of Shojin, Dragons Claw, Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge, Angel Armor.

2. Cybernetic squad


Cybernetic heroes are more beneficial than other clans when you just hold an item that will also increase blood and damage. With 6 Cybernetic, the health and damage will increase significantly.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 cyberstic

When should we play the game with the Cybernetic squad?

If you find Super Tech champions or Irelia early, you can consider playing this team. Also, you need to earn more B.F Sword and Wooden Bow. They also will give your squad good stats.

How to build a Cybernetic team:

Early game: Players have to find and get any Cybernetic heroes you see, prioritizing Lucian. However, more importantly, you need to distribute your equipment well to Cybernetic generals and should prioritize Lucian’s equipment as well (Vi, Lucian, Fiora, Leona)

In the middle of the game: You need to get as many synergies as possible. You can add Sword Guest (Yi, Yasuo) if you want to increase the damage. Besides, gamers can add Celestial (Jayce, Wukong) to power-up the first line while waiting for Ekko to appear.

General tips:

Cybernetic heroes will do very well with just one item on their bodies. But you should not put too many items on cheap champions like Fiora or Leona. This will make you have to upgrade Fiora and Leona if you want to give these two items to keep the other generals in the late game.

Lucian can do his job well in the mid-game with just one item, allowing you to have a continuous win series before you find Irelia.

Besides, it will be a bit hard for you to find Ekko because he is a 5 gold champion. Therefore, while finding Ekko, you should fill your team with other champions to have enough synergy buffs. It may be Vi, Lucian, Fiora, Leona, Wukong and Ezreal, they can give you the Gunner’s buff and even Space-Time. If you reach level 8, you should take Ezreal out and put Ekko, Irelia and Kayle into the battlefield.

Required equipment:

Kayle: Guinsoos Rageblade

Irelia: Armor of the Angel

3. Mech Pilot squad – Infiltrator


This is a Slow Roll formation. It means you need to save over 50 gold and only use profit gold to roll in each round. At least, you have to have a 3-star hero before you reach level 7.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 mechpilot

When should we start building Mech Pilot – Infiltrator?

In this lineup, there are quite a few champions who require you to spend a lot of money. But Annie and Kai’Sa are the first generals you need to find. If you find a lot of Kai’Sa or Annie, you should think of this team formation.

Instructions for building Mech Pilot – Infiltrator:

Early game: Apart from Kha’Zix, you should not raise any champions. But if you can raise 2 stars for champions 1-2 gold, you should not ignore.

Mid game: If you can find Fizz, you can have a strong mid-game without spending a lot of gold. So, when you should found Fizz, just hold it. Later on, roll slowly to upgrade champions and find ways to complete their squad after getting 3 stars for a champion.

General tips:

You should only level it up to level 7 after you get 3 stars for Annie or 3 stars for Kai’Sa. Then, it’s Shaco or Rumble’s turn to be 3 stars.

The Secret Generals will jump at the enemy in the backline instead of the farthest. So, you should keep that in mind when placing their positions.

Also, the squad requires you to find expensive champions like Kayle and Fizz without getting to level 8. So try to maintain your gold savings throughout the game to slow roll cheap champions as well as expensive general prices later on.

If you find Ekko, you should replace it with Kha’Zix.

Appropriate equipment:

Annie: Devil’s Letter, Angel’s Armor, Magic Towel

Shaco: Bloodthirster, Spear of Shojin

Kai’Sa: Thiefs Gloves

4. Vanguard squad – Valkyrie


The formation revolves around using Kayle to deal damage over time as the main carry.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 valkyrile

When should we build Vanguard – Valkyrie?

There are a lot of heroes at the front line that you can use to build this squad because it’s quite flexible to start. But it is more convenient for you if you find Kayle or build an Exaggerated Blade early.

How to build Vanguard – Valkyrie

Early game: Jayce, Mordekaiser, Poppy and Leona will be the ideal generals to start this team. However, you can use any synergistic buffs you can find.

Middle of the game: At this point, the most important is that you have to have the entire front line with Vanguard and have a strong backline. Ashe can be a great champion in the backside with Caitlyn until you find better champions to complete your squad. (Jayce, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Leona, Ashe, Caitlyn)

General tips:

The center position may not be as good for Ashe as she will move forward and can easily be destroyed by the Infiltrator generals or enemy. So you should keep this in mind to give her a good position. Also, she has a shorter range than the main carry long-range heroes.

Kayle will do her duty well with the third item, which will increase the ability power. Because her strength came from skill, not attack speed. So gamers should prioritize using equipment that can increase Kayle’s skill damage.

Besides, it is hard to find Miss Fortune, so players can pick Kai’Sa for the Valkyrie buff before you find her.

Appropriate equipment:

Kayle: Armor Angel, Guinsoos Rageblade

Miss Fortune: Thiefs Gloves

5. Mater Pilot – Sorcerers


This squad seeks to combine Sorcerers with magic damage and combine with the power of Super Mech. With the search for the Devil and the Demolitionis, this team can easily overcome the strength of the enemy team.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 mechpilot socercer

When should we use Wizard team?

When you find an early Fizz or can raise Rumble early, this formation can easily form. As for the Wizard Generals, it is quite flexible and can be added later.

How to build the Wizard’s squad

Early game: Get lots of Ziggs and put them on the battlefield at the beginning of the game because his passive is the key to forming Super Mech. Also, Sorcerer can pair well with Annie because she is a Wizard. Especifically, you pick Ahri, Zoe, Ziggs, Annie.

Mid-game: At this point, the most important thing is to build your Super Mech by finding Fizz and Rumble.

General tips:

Super Mech will still have the synergy buff of all heroes that it combines from. So, make sure you have Ziggs to combine with Rumble and take the explosive synergy buff.

Super Mech only maxes up to 3 items, so don’t put too much equipment on Fizz, Rumble and Annie or just give one of these three champions to hold all 3 items. Instead, you should defragment Syndra as an extra carry in your team.

Recommended equipment

Rumble: Angel Armor, Tactics Scarf, Thiefs Gloves

6. Star Guardian squad – Sorcerer


Galactic guards can allow Syndra to become the team’s main carry, which can deal damage over time. With mana-healing equipment, she will attack repeatedly and throw orbs several times during the round.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 gaudian

When should we build Star Guardian – Sorcerer?

You should build this squad when you encounter many Star Guardian – Sorcerer or many Tear of the Goddess at the beginning of the game. Because Syndra is a champion that costs 3 golds, so you can plan on taking champions to complete this team when you are at level 6 if you have the right equipment.

How to build Star Guardian – Sorcerer:

Early game: Several Sorcerers and Star Guardian synergies are enough to get you through the early stages of the game. Specifically, you can choose Poppy, Ahri, Zoe, Syndra. Besides, you may not need Syndra on the battlefield. Instead of Mordekaiser, you will have 2 Vanguard.

Mid-game: Focus on getting 6 Star Guardians in the middle of the match and then adding other champions at level 7 and level 8.

General tips:

Syndra will only exert her power with the Embrace Seraphs. Chalice Of Favor will give her Allie of Star Guardian heroes additional mana.

If you place 2 Syndra 2 stars on the battlefield, she will create more damage. This will help increase the damage of both Syndra.

If you cannot find Vel’Koz, you can replace it with Lux. Besides, with Lulu, you can replace it with Karma.

Appropriate equipment:

Syndra: Seraphs Embrace, Chalice Of Favor, Thiefs Gloves

7. The squad of 6 Sorcerer


This squad will definitely get nerfed soon, so you should build it as soon as possible. In which Miss Fortune will take so much enemy’s blood based on the maximum percentage of the enemy champion’s blood combines with her skill and Sorcerer’s synergy buff. Besides, Aurelion Sol and Gangplank are also the late game generals that deal great damage.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 6 soccerer

When should we build 6 Sorcerer squad?

This squad is easy to build up to 6 Sorcerers because you only need to find 1 Miss Fortune, Gangplank or Aurelion Sol to become an unstoppable force. If you cannot find one of the three champions, you may either have to build a losing chain or have a winning chain to save gold and level 8 quickly. Also, you can level 8 with excess gold.

How to build the 6 Sorcerer squad:

Early game: At this moment, you are mainly looking for champions with good skill. Annie is a good choice because she is the main character in the team at the beginning of this game. (Annie, Ahri, Ziggs, Zoe)

In the middle game: In the middle of the game, you can find 6 Sorcerers or put on the floor 4 Wizards with some frontline tanker generals, depending on what you found. (Annie, Ahri, Zoe, Twisted Fate, Syndra, Lux).

General tips:

Gold will be the thing you need the most to build this squad. You have to earn money to buy a 2-star Miss Fortune. Besides, you also need the gold to upgrade her (each with 8 gold), so you need the total of 31 gold. So, you need to save gold to achieve this target.

The Sorcerer squad may encounter some difficulties in the early of the game because of the lack of damage and equipment. If you have difficulty winning a series, you can accept the loss series and then get the necessary champions and turn the game around.

Besides, this team can also change into the Star Guardian – Sorcerer team if you can’t find all 6 Wizards. Or maybe replace Miss Fortune and Aurelion Sol with Gangplank and Vel’Koz.

Required equipment:

Miss Fortune: Seraphs Embrace, Thiefs Gloves

Aurelion Sol: Demon Letter, Armor Angel

8. Brawler – Blaster squad


This team revolves around Blaster’s massive damage potential, even if there are only 2 Blaster champions on the battlefield. For strong Gladiators, this formation is similar to the Jinx Brawler of Season 1.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 brawler

When should we build a Brawler – Blaster?

If you find a lot of Wooden Bows and B.F Swords, you can build and throw items for the main Blaster carry in the team. If you start the game smoothly with multiple Brawlers, you can take bet

How to build the Brawler – Blaster squad:

Early game: Two Brawlers with any Blaster is fine at the beginning of the game (Malphite, Blitz, Lucian, Ezreal)

Middle of the game: Simply, you just find enough 4 Brawlers at this time, which will help your team much stronger. About the gunner, you can choose Jinx if you see her.

General tips:

If you throw Zephyr at Blitzcrank, you will blow the second enemy champion.

Also, make sure Blitzcrank is standing next to Jinx as she will target the enemy quickly and will activate her passive faster.

After that you should choose Graves to get 4 Gunner buffs until you find Miss Fortune.

Finally, if you have equipment at the end of the game, a Demon Book or a Quicksilve for Miss Fortune, she will be a pretty strong sub carry.

Appropriate equipment:

Jinx: Guinsoos Rageblade, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge

Cho’Gath: Demon Letter, Armor Angel

9. Rebel squad


Rebel is a powerful squad. It can increase damage and shield for the heroes in the team. In which, Rebel has Master Yi or Yasuo as the main carry until Aurelion Sol appears and takes over this position.

Reaching level 8 quickly is the most important mission when building this squad. If you cannot find Aurelion Sol in the late game, your team will be weak.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 blaster

When should we build Rebel?

When you find a certain number of Rebel heroes early and should start saving early to level up.

How to build a Rebel squad:

Early game: At this time, you mainly need to look for heroes with strong skills. You should choose Annie as your frontline hero. (Ziggs, Yasuo, Malphite, Annie)

In the middle game: You can put all 6 Rebel champions on the stage or 4/5 generals with a Blademaster (Ziggs, Yasuo, Master Yi, Malphite, Jinx, Sona).

General tips:

Gamers should level up fast if you have more than 70 HP in the Wolf round.

Master Yi can help to keep the magic damage supporting equipment for Aurelion Sol. you should remember to put the generals so that all of them can receive a buff from Rebel.

Required equipment:

Aurelion Sol: Armor Angel, Demon Mail

Yasuo: Angel Armor, Hand of Justice

10. Team Chrono – Sniper


Chrono has great potential in the late game by making your backline turn into a monster with a buff for the team. Jhin and Caitlyn are also suitable snipers for the game.


When should we build the Chorono squad?

You can build this team whenever you find many Chrono generals from the beginning of the game or find Jhin early.

How to build the Chorono squad:

Early game: You only need to find the main generals in the squad like Ashe, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank and Twisted Fate.

In the middle game: 4 Chrono and 2 Sniper is a really good mid-game team. At level 7, you will have two Sniper and enough 6 Chronos in the team.

General tips:

Jhin has a passive that converts a bonus attack speed into attack damage. Remember this when you watch matches.

Ashe can be a champion for Jhin if you focus on building a squad and don’t find Jhin in the first place.

With the leftover equipment in the team, you should prioritize equipping them at Wukong.

Twisted Fate joins the team with the role of having enough Chrono buffs. So you should keep TF on the bench and throw him in if you have 6 Chorono early. If you find Thresh at the end of the game, you can replace TF and put Thresh in.

Required equipment:

Jhin: Runaans Hurricane, Armor Angel, Infinity Edge

11. Cybernetic – Chrono squad


This team uses the Hyperroll strategy and needs to reach level 7 before rolling to the major champions in the team. You need to find as many 3-star generals as possible, prioritizing the following generals: Lucian, Shen, Ezreal, Vi, Blitzcrank.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile s3 chrono cyber

When should we build Cybernetic-Chrono?

This squad works best if you get 3 stars for as many champions as possible. So make sure you find plenty of champions in the early game. Or save a lot of gold and use slow roll.

How to build Cybernetic-Chrono:

Early game: Search for the key generals of the squad, or level up the star for any champion you find in the team.

In the middle game: In the middle of the game, you can have 2 Gunners, 3 Super Technologies and 2 Spaces. Wukong will be the 8th and final champion of your team.

General tips

Gamers should try to maintain over 50 gold and only use the gold interest to roll. Besides, you should not get level 8 unless you gain Lucian and Ezreal 3 stars.

This lineup will only be really completed when you find your 3-star generals, so prioritize the heroes need to roll up 3 stars.

Appropriate equipment:

Lucian: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer, Hand for Justice

Shen: Thief’s Gloves

Ezreal: Thief’s Gloves

There are a few strong squads in TFT Season 3. If compared to Season 2, the way to build the Season 3 TFT squad is more diverse and players will easily combine generals from other clans with their squad.

In addition to this article, you can follow up the post “The major changes of Teamfight Tactics v10.6” for more detail.

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