The Last Maverick – Survival APK v3.175 (MOD Unlocked)

Full NameThe Last Maverick: Survival
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Latest Version3.175
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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The Last Maverick: Survival is a new interesting actionadventure game from PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO. This is a famous game studio in Estonia. This game has just been launched. At the moment, it is rated as a true hit of the survival genre. In the game, you will play the role of a captain, who is the last survivor of the train. The Last Maverick: Survival will give you the knowledge and skills to fight and survive on a deserted island alone. Please join us to check it out right now!

The Last Maverick Survival apk mod download

The game content

The Last Maverick: Survival takes you on an adventure you have never seen before. You will play the only survivor on a deserted island after a terrible shipwreck. You can only rely on the raft and your surviving skills. From here, you must try to survive in many ways. From simple items, the character will have to gradually build basic constructions to live while creating a food and water system for living longer. Also, weapons are available to unlock when you have the necessary design as well as enough materials to make them.

The Last Maverick Survival apk mod content download

Try your best to survive

If you have ever seen the popular survival instinct series on TV, you can see what our characters have done to survive. You have to sleep on trees, eat raw meat, fight with wild animals… That’s the way we survive. In The Last Maverick: Survival, the game throws us on a deserted island and teaches us how to survive. What you need to try your best to survive such as designing, and upgrading a unique raft to turn it into a true shelter; exploring oceans and islands; manufacturing new armor and weapons; collect resources to survive… Besides, your character will face a lot of dangers from wild animals, extreme weather or reptiles… So, the priority is to build shelter then find food and do other things.

The Last Maverick Survival download


To increase the dramatic and authentic part of the game, The Last Maverick: Survival has provided us with more fights with enemies. They are the aborigines on the island, who are very aggressive and willing to destroy your character at any time. To support players to fight the enemy, The Last Maverick: Survival will give you a diverse arsenal of melee weapons. Besides, you can always try to create weapons and build resources on the island.

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Through the intuitive storytelling method and beautiful design, The Last Maverick: Survival promises to take survival simulation games to the next level. You can nơ experience the most authentic survival game. Readers can download The Last Maverick: Survival APK (MOD Unlocked) at the link below.

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