This War of Mine APK (MOD All Unlocked) v1.5.10

Full NameThis War of Mine
Publisher11 bit studios
Mod FeaturesAll Unclocked
Latest Version1.5.10
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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This War of Mine APK is a great survival game in the war theme, which is considered the best product for Android smartphones. Released by 11-bit company from Poland, this is the most successful game title in the company’s history. The game was inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo in 1992 during the Bosnia War. In which, players have to make very difficult decisions to survive in this fierce war. Besides, This War of Mine has brought real perspectives and experience for gamers about the war background. Also, it depicts a bad and toothy aspect of war, which many people have mistakenly forgotten.

This War of Mine apk

The game content

In This War of Mine, the player does not play the role of an elite soldier but a member of the resident group, who are trying to survive in the ruined city. You have to find a way to survive in the shortage of food, water, medicine as well as have to fight against the danger from the snipers, the bad or the metamorphosis. This survival game brings an authentic war experience under a completely new perspective.

The game takes place following the “day and night” loop. In the daytime, snipers prevent anyone from going out of the shelter. Therefore, players need to focus on maintaining and developing their hiding places, such as making objects, exchanging goods, taking care of the living condition. At night, you had to organize people to spy, search for items to help them survive in this harsh world. Every decision of life and death depends on your choice. You have to try to protect people in hiding places or sacrifice some people for living longer. It is not easy, but there is no good or bad decision, only survival. You need to realize it as soon as possible.

This War of Mine apk mod content

Survival experience

Discover the shelter

This may be obvious but for those who have experienced it for the first time, they may ignore this. Every time you start playing, you will have new characters and new equipment. Of course, the whole house is new. It takes you the time to explore every corner and furniture inside. You can immediately use the resources to start making the most important things like a cooking stove or bed as soon as possible. Not to mention, almost certainly every game will have a sick character, so you also need to look for medicine or bandages in the house to help the character get better.

However, you can also use the opposite strategy to not dig anything in the house. Instead, you can leave it alone until you are robbed for the first time. Although this can help reduce the loss of precious resources, it can make it difficult for you in the early stages when there are many things you need to do with the resources in your home. Whichever way you choose, it depends on your point of view and strategy because there is no way to be the best.

This War of Mine apk mod suvival

Eat right

The biggest problem in This War of Mine APK is food. It is quite scarce, so you have to manage it very well. Otherwise, people will be hungry and start having negative emotions. However, you do not need to provide food to people every day because this will be a waste of food. Instead, you just need to give the characters the food every 2 days, as long as you don’t let people too hungry to affect their mood.

To limit food waste, you should have chefs who cook the food because they will help reduce the amount of raw food needed. This way can save a lot of materials. However, do not forget to use wood or books to heat the fire because this is a more efficient cooking item than other materials.

Besides, Water is also a scarce resource in the game. You should make many water filters and tools to collect natural rain, instead of relying on finding resources from other buildings. Because there are more important and hard-to-find ingredients, while your inventory is quite limited.

Sleep during the day and stay up at night

At night, when a character goes out to “collect” things, the remaining members are easily robbed by those who are in the same situation as you. So you should keep at least two characters guarded while the other character outside. This not only increases the chances of defence when you are robbed but also helps to reduce the number of stolen items when a bad situation occurs. However, to stay up all night, you have to let the two characters sleep every day and only use one character to make things. Then, you rotate the shift every time they wake up.

Besides, a small suggestion to reduce the amount of food when being robbed is to cook all the redundant raw materials. So the cooked things will be in the kitchen, which can be used anytime. Also, the game rule allows you not to be robbed of these items. Of course, other raw cooking ingredients without being cooked will still be in the opposite way. Thanks to cooking, they will be saved. However, it is only possible to cook up to 5 items on the stove. But the winter days are cold, the stove is also for heating. So you need to avoid cooking too much food that makes the kitchen busy and cannot use for heating. Coldness is also a very bad thing.

This War of Mine apk mod day andnight

The experience for collecting resources

First, you should remember what you need and prepare things to bring before you go. Even, you should take notes on paper or use applications on your phone, if needed. The equipment you need to bring with is a plier, a saw or a crowbar. Sometimes, you need a shovel.

The second, you always have a character with the biggest bag in the inventory. If everyone has the same number of looting slot, you should choose the warrior or those who can run fast. It is important that you have to watch for the character to return home before 5 am. Otherwise, the character might get something bad on the way.

The third, for large areas, you should schedule for your characters to back home before 3 am and 4 am with smaller areas. Also, you should return at 4 am, do not return later. Remember, the time in the game is not real-time. It goes much faster.

The fourth, the food is always the most important thing when you go out for collecting. Therefore, you should keep it all up and exchange other rare and precious things when needed. After that, you should care about the parts, wood and medicine because these are equally important things.

The fifth, you should always choose places where there are no people or fewer people first to collect things because this is the safest place

Finally, Stealing is the best way to collect more and more items. However, this also depends on the number of enemies in that area as well as the weapons you have. If you intend to act, it is best to use Roman characters because this character has no emotion when killing people. However, you should only use this character to kill people. If you want to clean up, you should return on the next day with the more storage space characters.

Above are the useful tips to help you get acquainted and conquer this game more easily. Hope you have a smooth move in the game!

This War of Mine apk mod gameplay

The graphics and sound

This War of Mine APK has good enough graphics. They are not so outstanding but the way to describe the details of the game is very true and impressive. They are the strokes, tired figures after a day of guarding without sleep, columns of smoke in the screen background or scrawny pencil strokes create an extreme atmosphere. Also, that is the message that 11 Bit Studio is sending to players. In the eyes of the survivors, the days they had to pay were all hard days. There was no hope in their eyes, except for their instincts. Contributing to the image is the background music with the violin as the main theme. Sad music, bad manners also make the atmosphere of the game much darker, colder and lifeless.

Besides, with some meaningless or negative statements in the game whenever an event occurs, This War of Mine gives gamers a completely different experience from other game of the same genre.

This War of Mine apk mod graphics


There is no checkpoint or no revival in This War of Mine, which is like a real-life story. It is no room for mistakes. 11 Bit Studio with true stories has achieved incredible success. It portrays an ugly, dark face of war. Besides, This War of Mine for Android makes players think seriously about survival and war. This War of Mine is a game that you cannot miss this summer. Let’s download and experience the game right now! If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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