Top 5 open-world adventure games during Coronavirus pandemic

Top 5 open-world adventure games during Coronavirus pandemic

About a month ago, all the countries in the world were wondering whether the Third World War would break out or not when Iran fired the first missile at a US military base. At that time, the world had to fight hard. Unfortunately, a new outbreak pandemic broke out called the Coronavirus. In particular, in China where the outbreak has recorded more than 300 people were killed and nearly 10,000 infected cases of this virus. It makes people, especially gamers very bored. During these days, the typical style is to wear masks, wash their hands thoroughly and regularly update the news as measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.


Personally, if nothing is too important, you should stay home, play games and forget your sadness temporarily. Therefore, we would like to provide you the list of the best open-world adventure role-playing game for you to enjoy. Of course, there is no fear of infection. Please see the section below:

1, No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has been released for a long time, but the latest update has completely changed this game and turned it into a true AAA blockbuster. The game takes the player on a journey to strange planets. In which, the farther you go, the more new and unusual planets will appear. The game plot will last about 30 hours. Gamers can interact with the NPC in many ways, setting up portals to teleport to places you want instantly. No Man’s Sky is truly an open universe game for those who love to explore the wilderness of the vast universe.

No Man’s Sky download

Device required: Console, PC

Download game No Man’s Sky

2, Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most interesting open-world games. It proves that the game with simple graphics can still be successful. With the map ranked in the top 1 on all the games with the largest map scale, you can join many activities such as cutting trees, digging mines… Also, gamers have to find ways to avoid hazards like lava, trap… If you possess unlimited creativity to create the most comfortable life, this is truly a game for you. Gamers can even experience another survival world called Nether.

Minecraft apk download

Device required: Console, PC, Mobile

Download Minecraft

3, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt possesses beautiful graphics, unique gameplay and an intensive storyline with many interesting situations. This is the game brand that helps Poland to be well-known in the world game industry map. It proved extremely attractive from the main task to the side missions. The game is in a chaotic and dead.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt download

Device: Console, PC

Download The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

4, Fallout 4

Following the success of its previous versions, Fallout 4 by Bethesda itself extended the glory days of the Fallout series. This is an extremely attractive post-apocalyptic game with a very detailed background set in Boston. The game facilitates players to take on side quests naturally. In addition to the style of exploring the world and upgrading equipment, skills for characters, the elements of the system improvement are similar. Action, upgrade system and MOD system has helped the game enough to retain players.

Fallout 4 apk downloasd

Device: Console, PC

Download Fallout 4

5, Lost Temple Mobile

Lost Temple Mobile is a new great game, which takes players into the modern world. It is not opening a new world like the previous games. However, players will discover the ancient tomb secrets that were buried thousands of years ago. You wil join a journey to occupy treasures, destroy monsters and solve puzzles. A lot of interesting unexpected stories are waiting for players to “unearth”.

Lost Temple Mobile apk download

Device: Mobile

Download Lost Temple Mobile

Above is a list of attractive open-world games for gamers to relieve stress. Besides, you can download the game Plague Inc. APK (MOD Unlocked). This is a game about viruses, which provides you the knowledge of preventing the virus. It can be helpful for you against the rapid infection of the corona pandemic.

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