Top 5 Android MOBA Games in 2019

About MOBA game

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It refers to a genre of games, in which many players will gather in an online arena and fight together. MOBA gameplay is very simple: the arena will be divided into two camps. Each side consists of 5 characters from many different classes. Some will choose the ADC. Some will choose the Wizard, assassin or supporter… depending on their play style.


Top 5 Android MOBA games in 2019

With MOBA games appearing in the market today, it is extremely difficult for us to choose a perfect game to experience as well as play for a long time. Today, would like to bring you the top 5 MOBA game titles in 2019 below:

Arena of Valor

Download Arena of Valor APK

Perhaps Arena of Valor is no stranger to gamers in the world, especially in Asian countries. If PC has League of Legends (LOL), there is Arena of Valor on mobile. This is a perfect copy of LOL on mobile. Arena of Valor was launched by Garena in November 2016. Although it has only been launched for nearly 3 years, players have participated in many big and small tournaments around the world. Just a little while ago, Team Flash reached the golden throne with the Mobile World Championship. This MOBA game has received many compliments about the gameplay, the powerful character system, the diverse skill system and beautiful the graphics. Timi Studio, under Tencent’s business, is constantly offering both big and small updates for the game on a variety of things. So, players are always excited.

In the latest version, the game has received quite a lot of negative reviews such as heavy games, many error skills, laggy though the connection is still stable… However, Arena of Valor is still the best MOBA game for mobile today.

Top android moba game arena of valor

Onmyoji Arena

Download Onmyoji Arena APK

You may know the famous role-playing game – Onmyoji, which was also released by Garena. This game has another name called Onmyoji Arena. Although it was just released in this summer, it has received millions of downloads worldwide. Because Onmyoji Arena is the MOBA version of Onmyoji, it possesses all the existing Shikigami with the typical appearance and iconic voice. In addition, the developer Net Ease did not forget to add the skills of each hero and turn the scene into a true MOBA game.

Right from the login screen, we can see how Net Ease cares about their products. Besides, the game supports a variety of languages ​​with multiple servers located in different regions around the world including Asia, Europe and America.

Top android moba game Onmyoji Arena

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

By the time Mobile Legends Bang Bang had just launched its international version, many people commented that this was only a product of Arena of Valor or LOL. Even the game was involved in a number of copyright-related lawsuits. However, when realizing the potential growth of this game, many exclusive game companies in many different countries immediately bought the copyright and registered for distribution to compete directly with Arena of Valor from Garena.

Overall, the interface of Mobile Legends Bang Bang is not too different from the existing MOBA games on the market. The map located in the left corner; the functions buttons are on the right; move key is on the left; ping key is on the right, etc. Besides, the gameplay is the same. In the game, players will control their characters to fight with opponents. More importantly, you have to destroy the opponent’s main house.

Since its launch, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has had tournaments with valuable rewards. A lot of people competed to find the best player. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

Top android moba game Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Download Vainglory Arena APK

Vainglory or Vainglory Arena is a great video game of the traditional MOBA game series, which was developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS devices. The game has many servers around the world. Many game publishers have bought the copyright of the game.

Super Evil Megacorp tried to create a game that could help players entertain for hours and create more fun. Vainglory has been very well rated. It has been highly evaluated for game graphics, authentic characters, spectacular skills and effects and diverse activities. However, it still has some weak points when the game server is not really giving players the stable and smooth gaming experience, especially for Asian gamers.

Top android moba game Vainglory

Survival Heroes

Download Survival Heroes APK

Survival Heroes is developed by Snail Games – a game publisher in the US. This MOBA game product is a perfect combination of two popular game genres today including MOBA and Survival. Especially, if you have played through Arena of Valor, Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival Mobile, it will be very quick for you to get used to the gameplay of Survival Heroes Mobile.

Besides, Survival Heroes Mobile is not like traditional MOBA games. It is characterized by survival factors. However, the biggest difference of Survival Heroes Mobile is that MOBA gameplay instead of shooting or fighting. With a diverse weapons system, players have many options to develop characters for the highest position on the ranking board. From melee weapons to long-range, gamers must make careful moves and reasonable planning according to their chosen direction.

In the game, the player can use a lot of auxiliary spells, control skills, different damage. It can be seen that the battles in Survival Heroes Gamota are the struggle between the character level, picking equipment, choosing weapons, possessing skills besides coordination among players.

Top android moba game Survival Heroes

Other great games

In addition to the above 5 game titles, we also receive a lot of great MOBA games in 2019:

  • Marvel Super War: MOBA game released by Net Ease about heroes in the MCU movie universe. For the first time in the modern game industry, players will be transformed into their favourite Marvel superheroes such as Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, etc.
  • Heroes Evolved: Heroes Evolved still follows the traditional MOBA style that combines ARPG action role-playing with 5vs5 PvP mode. But the game has newer maps.
  • King of Glory: King of Glory is the most popular mobile game in China today. Developed by Tencent Games, the game is currently the top game on iOS and also the most profitable game worldwide.
  • Braw Star: Brawl Stars still has beautiful graphics, smooth operation, supports all languages ​​and constantly updated. Besides, the game brings a new colour to the arena with simple gameplay, creating fun for players.
  • Planet of Heroes: This game shows its outstanding personality with a simple control system, fast-paced gameplay and colourful 3D graphics. Besides, the game also overcomes the weaknesses of the current MOBA on mobile that is the lack of tactics.

Top MOBA games apk

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