The most interesting games in late 2019 and early 2020

The most interesting games in late 2019 and early 2020

By the end of 2019 and early 2020, there will be a lot of excellent mobile games released. They are the names that almost certainly make the game market crazy. The following games are from famous manufacturers with great graphics, attractive gameplay and unique idea that definitely make gamers excited. Please see the section below for more detail about the list:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Trailer

First announced on the E3 2019 in this June by producer Square Enix, the perfect remake of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has garnered large attention from gamers around the world. Recently, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has officially revealed the official launch date on consoles (including PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) and mobile (with both iOS and Android operating systems). Accordingly, this game will have a beautiful HD version on January 23, 2020. It will be slower than expected.

This remade version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will have an online game mode, in which you can join other 3 people in a great adventure. Of course, with interesting role-playing content, gamers can choose to play alone or co-op with friends. Besides, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has a super large virtual world full of exciting discoveries. Surely, it will remind you of extremely beautiful memories with role-playing style, combining extremely dramatic action.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles apk

Lineage 2M

Lineage 2M Trailer

On September 16, NCSoft made gamers all over the world surprised by two new trailers of Lineage 2M – a great new role-playing mobile game. Indeed, the graphics platform of this game has reached the highest level. In the game, images are extreme beautiful that can be as good as the AAA games on the PC.

The developer NCSoft has carefully assured that the trailers above, including World and Community, all use real images in Lineage 2M. This is a big highlight showing the advanced graphics platform of the game.

Going specifically into each trailer, the World is a video recording of scenes of the Lineage 2M game, which is very familiar to Lineage fans. And Community is the interesting feature that players can interact with each other in the virtual world. As expected, Lineage 2M will allow approximately 2 million pre-registration times right at the start. The game will be available soon in 2019, but this is only a plan in Korea. The international version will probably have to wait 6 months to 1 year when everything is running smoothly.

Lineage 2M promises to bring gamers a great experience, recalling unforgettable memories from decades ago. Of course, the developer is trying their best to make the most exellent game for gamers.

Lineage 2M apk

Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager Trailer

Demonstrated at Apple’s previous iPhone 11 launch event, Giant Games was very proud to launch its third-person blockbuster action game, Pascal’s Wager. It can be seen that the graphics, effects, sound and gameplay features of this game will take full advantage of Apple’s new technology. They will make this game perfect as on PC or Console. Pascal’s Wager has been in development for more than 2 years when Tipsworks Studio just introduced. The game will reach the blockbuster level of AAA, even with stronger hardware platforms.

Pascal’s Wager is expected to be sold on App Store by the end of 2019. Besides, the game also has versions on PC and Console, which are still in development and will be released in 2020. However, it is difficult to understand that there is no official information for the Android operating system, a major competitor of iOS.

In the game, Pascal’s Wager will take gamers into the exciting adventure steps of Terrance – A ‘courier’ living in the dark world. For thousands of years, this world was covered with endless darkness. The only small hope for it is to follow Colossus – who will uncover light to save this dying earth. However, the hero Colossus encountered a serious accident and went missing, making the hopes of mankind almost vanish. The mission of the gamer – Terrance, the delivery guy is to find the hero’s wife, the only one who has a fragile spiritual connection with Colossus to find a way to bring him back. It is very difficult to find this woman because you will encounter a lot of monsters and tough challenges. So the battles in Pascal’s Wager are extremely fierce, bringing exciting action scenes to players.

In addition, Pascal’s Wager has been well-invested in terms of rich content, unique gameplay, great graphics, beautiful effects, lively music and diverse in-game features. Tipsworks Studio developer has really brought the quintessence of PC game experience to mobile devices. According to the developer, Pascal’s Wager will release as a ‘free to try’ means that it was originally free to play but gamers will need to pay a small amount to unlock the content later on. The manufacturer even said that this mobile game has the same additional play content as blockbuster games. It will change the in-game structure a bit to create more new expansion points.

Pascal’s Wager APK

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile Trailer

Shortly after announcing of opening the gate for the blockbuster mobile game Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss announced that it would allow gamers to pre-register the product. This game is considered a top game with extremely beautiful graphics.

Accordingly, Black Desert Mobile will soon open the international version in 2019 (expected in the winter) for both iOS and Android operating systems. Besides, the game is a complete upgrade from Black Desert PC in both the map and the game content. Developed by cutting-edge graphics technology that breaks the boundaries of previous mobile gaming graphics, the game has brought an engaging feeling to gamers. Especially with a fighting style based on skill and speed, it is not strange that this game is ranked in the blockbuster game in the most difficult markets like Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Black Desert Mobile has impressive content with fantasy elements. The story of the game revolves around a huge source of power, which had ruined the minds of the ancients and caused the collapse of many great civilizations. You will explore these lands to find the answers.

The game has 5 character classes including Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch and Valkyrie. The gameplay of Black Desert Mobile is designed with the most basic elements of a MMORPG series, with a top-down perspective and a flexible camera system. Besides, the game provides the virtual keys and virtual joystick to control the character moves, use skills or dodge attacks from enemies. Also, it is not simply “pay to win” as most role-playing products on the market. It will definitely make you passionate.

Black Desert Mobile APK

Above are 4 latest blockbuster games that would like to introduce to you. In addition, you can pre-register some newly released game titles such as PES 2020 or League of Legends: Wild Rift. Hopefully with this article, you have found your favourite game. We are trying to update the registration link first or Beta version as soon as possible. Do not forget to follow our site for the latest information on the mobile game market today! Thanks and have fun!

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