The 7 best travel applications in the world

In addition to knowing in advance about the places you are going to travel, you need to have more effective “assistants” as soon as you arrive at the destination. Those are applications that support users when traveling right on your phone.

You may be familiar to Google Maps and Google Translate to find places and communicate with native people. Besides, you need to have more applications to support the needs of moving, dining, hotel booking, finding wifi… In this article, will summarize for you the list of the most useful travel applications. Please join us to check it out right now!

1, Traveloka

Traveloka is so familiar to the majority of travelers. In which, you can use the hotel reservation service, hunt for cheap airline tickets in Southeast Asia. It also helps you significantly save time and effort.

With a wide network of hotels, and a lot of tourist destinations, from high-class hotels, top resorts, to the modern Hotel, Homestay for you to choose comfortably. Traveloka also has a flexible payment method that supports most popular payment methods such as using credit cards, domestic bank cards, Internet Banking payments, payment at stores, and mall.

Traveloka apk

2, Like a Local

This is a great travel application that will provide a list of restaurants, hotels, parties, resorts, famous places … The special thing about Like a Local is that you can use it even without an Internet connection. You just need to download a city in the list inside the app. After that, Like a Local will tell you where to eat and play, information about famous places… Also, Like a Local provides you the detail of the locations of banks, directions, major routes and give users a bus stop for easy access.

Like a Local apk

3, Weather

One of the indispensable travel applications when you intend to travel, not only give users the weather status at the location they are staying. The app Weather also lets you find places you plan to go to, then give you the weather right there and in the next few days.

This will help you decide whether to travel there or not. Due to this, you will have a perfect travel plan. Also, you can see a summary of weather apps for phones in the two articles below.

Weather apk

4, WiFi Map

WiFi Map is a helpful application that gives users the password of the wifi around the location you are presented. It means that you can access the Internet for free anywhere. To use this application, you need to log in with your Facebook or Google account, allow WiFi Map to access your location. After that, the app will aggregate the map data with the wifi list attached location information.

Next, users can click on each Wifi and select Unlock Password. You will see the password of that wifi, press copy password then go to the wifi menu on the phone and paste it on. This is especially useful when you are traveling or working in a new location.

WiFi Map apk

5, Instagram

Although Instagram is likely a social network, it is an indispensable application when traveling, especially for girls. In addition to posting photos, Instagram is also a place where you can store your memories. This is the best place for you to regularly update your latest travel photos, share with friends.

Besides, users can also choose effects to edit photos, helping their photos more sparkling and more beautiful. In addition to photos, you can also record your memories by recording videos and sharing them with friends.

Instagram apk

6, Zomato

The above has the Traveloka and Like a Local apps to introduce you to places you want to travel to, such as hotels, famous places, beauty spots, entertainment venues and famous places about Eating. But for details, you should choose Zomato. This app provides restaurants and bars for each item such as bakery, coffee shop, evening restaurant… Especially, it also provides you with a culinary collection around your location. You can refer to the menu and get reviews from other users. Users can even make a reservation or request to bring it right on this app, or Zomato will give the appropriate distance to the fastest restaurant.

Zomato APK icon download

7, Waze

Waze is a great application, which gives users all the travel distances to every place with the shortest amount of time and the most convenient level of travel. Besides, Waze also tells users places with traffic lights and directions. Also, Waze provides users with the feature to set daily travel distance such as commuting with travel time, gasoline station.

Waze apk

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