Turbo VPN APK v3.9.0 Safe Proxy VPN

Full NameTurbo VPN - Safe Proxy VPN
PublisherInnovative Connecting
Mod FeaturesNot yet
Latest Version3.9.0
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Turbo VPN APK is a great application that helps users create virtual private networks for simulating Fake IP through VPN servers. It is now famous worldwide with millions of users. With Turbo VPN APK, you can access blocked websites, secure public WiFi access and protect your privacy. Moreover, it is completely free. The app has a fast connection, is easy to use, and has a simple design, which will give you the best user experience. Please join us to check it out right now!

Turbo VPN apk download

The key features

Turbo VPN APK offers a free VPN with high speed. It is the best free unlimited VPN on Android phones. Specifically, the app provides users with a free VPN proxy. You can connect as private access to unblock websites, secure WiFi access points, and protect your browser. Besides, it has more helpful features as below:

  • Turbo VPN is 100% free.
  • Fastest: Perfectly successful connection with high-speed VPN.
  • Easiest: Just one touch to connect to the VPN proxy server.
  • Most stable: Many free cloud proxy servers offer the best VPN service.
  • Passing firewall.
  • Unblock websites: It can also unblock videos that are not supported in your country.
  • Protect yourself when accessing the network at a public wifi hotspot.
  • Browse the web anonymously and securely without being tracked. Therefore, you can enjoy private browsing.
  • Works with wifi, LTE, 3G, and even mobile data.
  • Data encryption by using OpenVPN protocols (UDP/TCP).

Turbo VPN apk use download

How to use Turbo VPN APK

To be able to Fake IP on Android phones and iPhones with Turbo VPN, users can do the following steps:

Step 1: You proceed to download and install the app Turbo VPN on Android and iPhone with the link at the end of this article. After that, you start Turbo VPN for Android or iPhone which we have just downloaded and installed above.

Step 2: At the application interface, you will press the World icon as shown below, and select the country. These steps will help us do Fake IP with Turbo VPN on the phone.

Step 3: Besides the free countries with average network speed, we can also choose Faster Server but you will need to pay. Then, you can confirm Ok with this access as shown above.

Step 4: At the moment, the system will proceed to connect and Fake IP on the phone to the country you have selected. When you have successfully connected, the system will start calculating the connection time as shown below. And to turn off the Fake IP connection with Turbo VPN on Android or iPhone, you can select Disconnect.

Step 5: Now, we can check the network connection speed after Fake IP with Turbo VPN on the phone via the notification bar when swiping the screen from the top down. Here, you can click on the notification of this app Turbo VPN.

Step 6: Also, users can press the “X” icon from the application interface and confirm Disconnect to end the Fake IP process.

Turbo VPN apk free download


By downloading or using this app, users already know and agree to the user policy and Privacy Terms at http://static.allconnected.co/privacy_policy_turbovpn.html


Currently, there are quite a lot of fake IP applications like Kiwi VPN, Touch VPN… Turbo VPN APK is still the best one. Moreover, Innovative Connecting always aims to optimize the user experience by updating the server, fixing proxy errors and unlocking more blocked websites. In terms of numbers, we have over 100 million users and nearly 4 million good reviews on CH Play. Readers can download the app at the link below.

New updates:

– Optimize the connection process to connect faster.


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