Undead World: Hero Survival MOD APK v1.20.0.8 (Unlimited Energy)

Full NameUndead World: Hero Survival
PublisherDoubleDown Interactive LLC
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Energy
Latest Version1.20.0.8
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Undead World: Hero Survival is a very interesting role-playing game from the producer DoubleDown Interactive LLC. In this game, players will play the role of survivors in the post-apocalyptic era when zombies are rampant. At this point, you must gather heroes and form a strong enough team to be able to survive in harsh circumstances. Unlike many other role-playing games when you can only play a character, you will be able to control all the characters you collected in the game Undead World: Hero Survival. With unique gameplay, diverse characters and beautiful effects, it will be a very potential name in the role-playing game genre. Please join us to find it out right now!

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Undead world cover image

How to play

In Undead World, players will be playing the role of survivors in a zombie pandemic. Unlike many games in this genre that require players to collect characters randomly, you can be a butcher, a policeman, a doctor, a student or a wandering knight. The interesting thing here is that you have to combine them into 1 team to fight together against zombies. Players will collect characters and create a team of 5 people. The strategy for this part will be choosing characters wisely so that they can support each other in combat. Specifically, players should balance the number of ranged and melee characters. It is best to divide them equally (2-2). The remaining person in the squad should be a supporter with the function of increasing health (I am referring to the crazy doctor DOC). After you have created a good squad, let’s rush into the battle right away.

Undead World gameplay final

Various characters

Currently, the number of characters in the game is quite large. Shortly, the developer will add more updates. In this game, all the survivors of the pandemic instead of ghosts, standing up to fight are called heroes no matter who they were before. Also, characters will be divided into 3 classes corresponding to their rarity or power including normal, rare, and epic. Each character has different personalities such as sinister, kind, funny… Besides, they have different stats such as health, strength, defense, and ultimate. Players can enhance these stats through upgrades.

In terms of costumes and weapons, you will collect a lot in combat. However, not all of them are compatible. Choose carefully to equip your character with the best items.

Combat Mechanism

In the beginning, you only have 2 random characters. After some fairly simple early stages, you will be able to open other characters. When you have 5 members, your team is done. However, you can still unlock many more characters. Entering the match, players will confront an army of zombies. They will get stronger and stronger, so the best way for you to protect your character is to upgrade and equip them with good weapons and items. Each match will last for 1 minute and 30 seconds. After that, if you do not destroy all monsters, you lose. In addition, you will also lose if all members of the team are destroyed. In the last level of the chapter, players have to deal with bosses. They are very strong, but they also bring more valuable rewards for the win.

Besides, Undead World: Hero Survival has automatic and manual combat. However, they are not very different except that you have to click on the character to use the ultimate. In my opinion, you should use automatic mode and watch the battle from a distance, like you are watching an action movie. It is quite interesting.

Undead world battle mechanism final


Upgrades and changes after upgrading

The upgrade is quite simple, so you do not spend too much money to upgrade a character to the maximum level (15). However, you need more material to upgrade him after level 15. Besides, equipping the same character will increase the stats. But the characters’ appearance remains the same no matter what you get them to wear. Perhaps, the manufacturer should consider designing more so that the character’s appearance is more interesting.

Game modes

Undead World has 3 game modes including:

– Campaign: Players will fight in chapters. The battle rules are quite simple so you can grasp them from the first chapters.

– Adventure: You can open this mode when you finish chapters 2-5 in Campaign mode. This is a very interesting mode with many types of battles.

– HideOut: It is not really a mode but you can enjoy it very much. You can unlock it when you finish playing chapters 2-3 in Campaign mode. In which, players can recruit heroes, buy some things…

Other Interesting Features

  • Many new events.
  • Joining a large community.
  • Sign in Facebook or Google to find friends.
  • Joining Guild and competing with many other sides.

 Download Undead World: Hero Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) for free

In this article, we provide players with the APK version of the game completely free. What’s more, it will give you the extremely interesting feature of unlimited energy to help you deploy the ultimate skill continuously and beautifully. Readers can download this version at the link below. If you have any questions about it, feel free to leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

1. New hero:
– Gerald (Blue Banshees, AOE)

2. New Content:
– New Guild Raid rankings
– New Special Equipment

3. Adjustments:
– Skill balancing for Tanya
– Text updates and minor bug fixes

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