What is Root? Which device do we have to Root? Is the root harmful?

What is Root?

Root is probably a term that is familiar to those who love mobile games or learn about mobile devices. This is the process that allows smart device users running Android to fully master all the software and hardware of the device. Besides, Rooting makes it possible to customize settings that bypass the manufacturer’s high-security barrier.

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When should we Root the device?

Rooting the device depends on your usage needs. If you only need to use the system application (what the manufacturer offers), you should not Root the device. However, if you are someone who likes to explore and master your device, rooting is the best option. Besides, with MOD games on Android, Root device will help you to download any game you want.

Is rooting harmful?

If you root your device, you will lose the warranty. Specifically, Rooting will make your device more vulnerable (possibly losing your personal information, many important accounts).

If the ROM is not installed well, it can cause a slow or lag.

Also, if you don’t know how to pull it out, your phone will return to the Stone Age. That is just listening, calling and texting.

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The benefits of rooting

– Remove unnecessary apps: indeed, manufacturers often put so many apps in our devices, which we never touch. This will cause the device to waste space and prevent other apps from working. When you root your device, you can remove them.

– Change interface: interface, font, icon… At this point, you can change it depending on your preference.

– Speed boost: If you root your device properly, you can dramatically increase the speed of your device.

– Ad Blocking: The thing that most people hate most and the most annoyance is advertising. Nowadays, advertisements appear everywhere. When you surf the web to applications and games everywhere, they show up. If you want to get rid of this annoyance then you better root.

– Install games, applications that require Root: Nowadays, some games and applications may require you to root to be able to download and use them.

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According to warnings from many manufacturers, rooting the device will void the device warranty. So, you should root the device after the manufacturer’s warranty is over.

Security: Some accounts on the device can be attacked by the bad guys. Besides, you need to Root properly to avoid your device falling into the Stone Age.

How to Root Android Device

– Step 1: Access this link to download Kingo Root: Download Kingo Root

– Step 2: On your Android device, users go to Settings => Security and activate Unknown Sources.

– Step 3: Navigate to Settings => Security, find Verify apps and switch to OFF

– Step 4: Make sure the mobile Data or Wifi on your Android device is turned on.

– Step 5: After install Kingo Root APK, you can click OK to report malicious files.

– Step 6: On the window that appears on the screen, click One-Click Rook.

– Step 7: Wait for the file download and installation to finish. The screen will display a progress bar to notify you of what is going on.

– After completing the process you will see a window saying “Root Succeeded”

– In addition to King Root, you can also download some other applications such as iRoot, Famaroot. All of them have a quite simple usage.

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