X Survive: Building Sandbox APK + OBB v1.45

Referring to the survival and construction games, we cannot ignore the legendary game Minecraft. However, it seems to have become quite old compared to current games. Its idea has been developing to a new level and has been taken full advantage by many game makers. In which, Free Square Games is such a good developer with an interesting product, X Survive: Building Sandbox APK. This game was born to take this series of games to the next level. Also, it opens a new era for gamers who love the genre of survival and construction. Please join us to find it out right now!

Discover and manufacture

X Survive: Building Sandbox APK will take players to the island with a lot of weird things. In which, your task is to find ways to survive as well as explore the structure and special things on this island. Also, the game does not have any rules binding players. The only rule is to respect creativity. It means players can do everything as long as they show their personality by customizing everything on the map. In particular, everything is optimized to fit perfectly in your pocket devices. A very beautiful open world is waiting for you to explore. Moreover, every detail in this game took a lot of effort from the development team of this developer.

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Build your unique world

Manual and futuristic building structures that use a variety of modern building blocks will allow players to create entirely new items. It removes the limitations of conventional physics against more fictional goals. Thus, it stimulates a player’s desire to explore. When you enter the game world with nothing around, you have to manage to survive and create a better world. From the things you pick up and exploit in the environment, make your life easier and more modern. Everything is created thanks to the recipes available in the gameplay. Players only need to slowly learn to be able to make something.

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Exploit the resources

In addition to fabricating and building, players can become a true miner. You will try to find the right resources to create things. To be so, players have to leave the safe area and search in new lands. Wherever you find potential, immediately exploit it. However, in this area, there are many different risks of dangers that can threaten your life. Specifically, the wild creatures are always looking for ways to attack you, or crowds of zombies at night are another danger. The prerequisite for survival is to build a high shelter on the ground.

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Super realistic 3D graphics

Freesapesgames is really a very promising game developer at the moment when their games are appreciated by players. X Survive is such a great game with authentic graphics. Of course, with the 3D format and realistic character design, the game describes the world truly. When you take on the challenges of the game, it will be brought to a world in which everything is difficult to get ideas from real life.

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New details

In the recently updated versions, the game maker has decided to add a lot of new things so that players will not be bored. First, there were over 500 new locations, which are totally unique. Besides, they have many ways for you to interact with the rest of the game. Also, they remade the fabrication system. It also provides players with many great vehicles, allowing players to navigate the map easily. Your world is now close together and you can easily expand everything.

Moreover, the development team will regularly update new modes and fix the bugs to bring gamers the best experience.


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