Zombie Frontier 4_v1.5.5 APK MOD (God Mode)

Full NameZombie Frontier 4
PublisherFT Games
Mod FeaturesGod Mode
Latest Version1.5.5
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Today, gameflash.vn will return with you to the Zombie game genre. This is a great theme for publishers around the world. Surely you still remember the games we have introduced to zombies and the post-apocalyptic world like Last Day on Earth or State of Survival. They are definitely the favorite game of many people. In this article, we will bring readers a new game with classic but diverse gameplay, and unique graphics. We are talking about Zombie Frontier 4. In this article, we would like to provide you with the APK MOD file of the game named Zombie Frontier 4 with the God Mode feature. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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Zombie Frontier 4 cover image

General information

Zombie Frontier 4 is the 4th installment of the Zombie Frontier series of games from the publisher FT Games. This is a classic first-person shooter action game with bright visuals and varied gameplay. In which you not only fight the zombies but also have to create a safe bunker for yourself and your teammates. In addition, players can collect materials for creating weapons and tools. The most exciting experience is confronting the zombies and saving the apocalypse background.

The gameplay

Zombie Frontier 4 has diverse and dramatic gameplay but it is simple. When you kill a certain number of zombies, you will receive a reward. This game is built on the idea of ​​multitasking with different challenges. The higher you go, the more complicated and dangerous the tasks are, requiring players to use skills, observation ability, how to arrange weapons accordingly to defeat them. Besides, you can win trophies, complete missions to new levels.

In addition to participating in combat missions, players also have to build shelters and upgrade weapons, practice sniper skills to eliminate zombies. The bigger your base is, the more survivors will come and provide you with more useful items and resources, increasing your strength and leveling up.

Zombie Frontier 4 gameplay

Outstanding Features

– Diverse challenges: This is a multitasking game so you will have to perform countless tasks. After each win, you will receive items or resources to build shelters and fight stronger.

– Strategy: Although Zombie Frontier 4 is an action game, it is quite tactical. Players must choose for themselves the appropriate playstyle for each battle situation. Since you can only carry a few items and weapons, you should choose the right ones to deal with zombies.

– Diverse battlefield and weapons: This game offers you a huge map store. Players will be fighting in many different battlefields such as deserts, cities, caves, hospitals, schools, etc. In addition, the context of the game also changes constantly with realistic weather rotation. Moreover, the game provides you with dozens of types of weapons, which make you more excited.

– Level up and upgrade: After each mission, players will receive a certain amount of experience to level up. After each level, you can unlock new weapons or items, which will increase your fighting power and make your game more interesting.

– Building a shelter, rescuing many people to produce more resources, increase your chances of survival: If you only focus on combat, your game will be very boring. In addition to zombie time, players can build shelters, upgrade equipment, and rescue other survivors. The more you expand the shelter, the more resources you will create, research and craft new weapons. At this point, zombies are just a small thing. Moreover, players have to watch out for other online players because they are finding ways to occupy their base and resources.

Zombie Frontier 4 features

The graphics

Zombie Frontier 4 is built on beautiful 3D graphics with vivid sound. In the game, the images are always improved after the updates. Most of them are inspired by real life. Besides, the producer has also created many interesting images of transformed zombies. They will have many shapes so you don’t get bored like zombie dogs, zombies with tentacles … and many other famous characters like Roadblockers, Chargers, Mother worm, Simmons…

In this article, we send you the APK MOD file of the game with the GOD MODE feature, making you invincible in combat. Readers can download Zombie Frontier 4 APK MOD (God Mode) at the link below. If you have any questions about this game, please leave a comment in this article. Having fun!

New updates:

1. Christmas event resource added
2. New Leviathan Weapon and New Christmas Outfit
3. New feature: Costume levels and effects
4. New hunter arena achievements
5. Fixed bug related to pet skill

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